France, Ethiopia Sign MoU to Launch 1.5 Mn Euro Healthcare Rehabilitation Projects in Amhara Region of Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa June 13/2022/ENA/ A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the Governments of France and Ethiopia to launch a 1.5 million Euro project to support and rehabilitate essential health care services, particularly for Dessie Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, in Amhara region.

French Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Rémi Maréchaux and Health Minister of Ethiopia Dr. Lia Tadesse signed MoU to launch the project on supporting and rehabilitating essential healthcare services in Amhara region today.

Speaking at the occasion, Ambassador Rémi Maréchaux said the support aimed at rehabilitating  and restoring the health services in the region that had been affected by the conflict.  

The support will help to enhance the capacity of health ministry to procure medical equipment and facilities of healthcare services in war affected areas of  Amhara region particularly to   rehabilitating Dessie Comprehensive Specialized Hospital.

This is the first step for supporting the rehabilitation efforts of health care services affected by the war, the ambassador said, pledging the continued support of his government in the future.  

He also recalled that the Government of France has been providing supports to Ethiopia in the fight against COVID-19, HIV/AIDs and Tuberculosis.

“This 1.5 million Euro support is the first step. But our ambition is better than before.  I am very glad to be here today, because we are investing in humanitarian situation. But, it is very important to prepare for the future to do rehabilitation, stabilization and to improve the situation of the population,”  Maréchaux pointed out.

Health Minister Dr. Lia Tadesse on her part acknowledged the continued partnership and collaboration between the Government of Ethiopia and France; and extended her sincere appreciation for the support provided by the Government of France.

The support will greatly help to promote the rehabilitation  efforts in the healthcare services affected by the conflict, she added.

“…which is huge support that comes at this very critical time for us when we are working towards rehabilitating and restoring our health system affected by the conflict,” Dr. Lia said.  

Lauding for the support provided, Amhara Health Bureau Deputy Head, Dr. Gashu Kindu on his part reiterated that the support is very crucial for Amhara region that its health system is adversely affected by the war.

The war has adversely affected the health system of Amhara region especially health facilities, medical equipment, drugs among others have been looted by the terrorist TPLF, he noted, urging humanitarian organizations to support  efforts being conducted in rehabilitating and restoring healthcare services of the region.

“We have strong support from the ministry side. But, there is very weak engagement of stakeholders in supporting the rehabilitation efforts of our health facilities. So, your support is very critical in restoring the essential health services in war affected areas. And, I hope, your support will continue until we build our regional capacity to provide comprehensive and essential health service,” Dr. Gashu underscored.

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