Former Prez, Former PM Urge Ethiopians to Seize on Peace Initiative to Bring Peace

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July 09, 2022 (ENA) Former president Mulatu Teshome and former PM Hailemariam Desalegn called on all Ethiopians to ensure lasting peace and stability in the country by seizing upon the peace option initiated by the government.

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is to be recalled that the government has decided to find a peaceful
solution to the problem in the northern part of the country by setting
up a seven member team to carry out this task.

peace process should be carried out within the bounds of three
principles: respect for the constitutional order, maintaining the
national interest and the role of the African Union as  facilitator of
the process.

to ENA, former Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome and former Prime
Minister Hailemariam Desalegn recalled that Ethiopia is beyond itself—it
has been playing a pivotal role in advocating peace and stability in
the region.

country is known for promoting peace in Africa and its neighbors,
Mulatu said, adding in this regard, it is important that the country
resort to peace talks and resolve the current challenges facing the

the government’s decision to make peace, Mulatu said, “There is no need
for anyone other than Ethiopians to talk about the relevance of  peace
and stability in Ethiopia.”

is a country that advocates peace not only for itself but also for
neighboring countries. It has been a guardian of peace and security for
the region and the entire world;  Ethiopia has been calling for
restoring peace and stability, we do not need anyone to tell us about
this. Ethiopian needs peace,” he stressed.

Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn on his part said the
government’s decision for peace talk  is second to none for Ethiopia.

War has cost Ethiopia dearly, he said, adding no one who involves in a war benefits from it.

Hailemariam stressed that war and conflict in Ethiopia should be halted and problems should be resolved peacefully.

added that by ensuring peace and stability in the country, it is
important to relieve the society from fear and apprehension as well as
the country from further damages.

peace option is an initiative that has no alternative. No one ever
likes war. Probably everyone says he was forced to go to war because he
knew it was wrong to preach war. But this needs to be avoided; it should
not be repeated. The government is right to declare peace option. There
is no alternative for peace talks. ” he elaborated.

the former leaders stated the countries of the region, Africa and the
world know that Ethiopia plays an important role in peace and security
issues; and they are expecting a lot from us.

exhausting all its potentials, the former leaders stressed the fact
that the country should  resolve  its internal problems  through
dialogue and ensure peace is not left for tomorrow.

the former leaders underlined that Ethiopia, apart from itself, should
continue to play its role for peace, security in the region, Africa and
the world.

is important to end conflicts not only in the northern part of the
country but also in other parts of the Ethiopia. Hence, it is necessary
to put down guns and resolve challenges through dialogue and discussion,
they underscored.

According to the former leaders, a lot is expected from all Ethiopians in ensuring lasting peace and stability in the country.

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