Former High Ranking Military Officers Laud Carefully Planned, Effective Airstrikes

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Addis Ababa October 28/2021 (ENA) The airstrikes on weapon depots, military training centers and other strategic locations of the TPLF were carefully planned and effective, former high ranking military officers said.

The officers told ENA stated that the airstrikes are aimed at weakening the capacity of the enemy and drying its resources.

Former army Brigadier General Kassaye Chemeda said “the targets have a huge impact on the war; so they need to be hit. They must be completely destroyed because they have impact on the war.”

Appreciating the motivation of the people to join the National Defense Force, he stressed that the enrollment should continue as the youth should play their part in strengthening the capacity of the army.

Former Colonel Tefera Eshete on his part praised the government’s ongoing airstrikes and said it should continue to crack down on strategic strongholds of the TPLF.

The TPLF terrorist group is an invading force which came to massacre people in neighboring regions, and there is no member of the army that sleeps until this group is wiped out.

“The government is taking action to save the people and must strike TPLF military bases to save the people. These institutions are the backbone of the terrorist group. The Air Force has done  amazing work in terms of hitting selected targets. This should continue.”

The Ethiopian people are fighting for the truth, the former colonel noted, adding that the international community needs to understand the reality and support the efforts to save lives.

Former Major Wondu Wolde said “the government has taken appropriate actions. The selected targets are of military importance and this is the law of war. On the contrary the TPLF fired

 artillery barrage on innocent civilians in Afar Region and killed 200. Contrasted to this, there is nothing wrong with the government’s airstrikes on TPLF which is a big threat to the public.”     

Both officers have presently re-joined the National Defense Force.

They finally urged Tigrayans to say no to oppression of TPLF and refuse to pay so much  sacrifice for the sake of one group.

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