Foreign Affairs State Minister Briefs Resident Diplomats

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Foreign Affairs State Minister Redwan Hussein has briefed resident diplomats in Addis Ababa on the current situation in Ethiopia.

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State Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Redwan Hussien briefed ambassadors of African, European, America, Asia and Pacific countries stationed in Addis Ababa about the current situation in Ethiopia.

In his briefing, the State Minister said  that we kept on urging the diplomatic community to influence TPLF not to cross to Afar and Amhara regional states, adding that when the government decided for unilateral ceasefire and pull out from Tigray ,it was to give respite for the people of Tigray.

 He noted that in 1991 TPLF came to Addis because the Derg  regime  had been despised by everybody, adding that , however, this time, TPLF is disliked like a plague by every Ethiopian.

 Redwan said that no matter  what the terrorist group orchestrate, doing  some drama that they have been colluding  in Washington DC, calling drivers who don’t even have 10 followers,  as if transitional government has been made in Ethiopia.

‘’So we knew they couldn’t come to Addis, we assured our partners at several times in public and in private,  almost all the cities are free,  except, Alabama, one hilly town at the boarder it’s just a matter days for it,” he pointed out.

According to him, the government does not have appetite again  to have military operation in Tigray.   

‘’You can imagine if we pursue (advance to Tigray), you can imagine what might happen if we pursue this operation again given all the soldiers who have lost their mothers and brothers and houses and hospitals and clinics, you can imagine what might happen,” the State Minister underlined.

As a result, he kept on saying ” still out of precaution, the  government is contemplating as to how to halt this military operation when they are pushed back to Tigray in order to give a second round of respite for the people of Tigray  to push this rogue elements to embrace peace.”

But again, the government would like to make it clear for everybody that to ensure the sovereign integrity of the country is prerogative of the federal government, the state minister stressed.

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