FM Demeke Hold Talks with Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees

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Addis Ababa, October 23/2021(ENA) Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen conferred with UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Refugees (Operations) Rauf Mazou on Friday at his office.

During the occasion, Demeke briefed Rauf Mazou on the current status of refugees in Ethiopia, including the dramatic increments of internally displaced people due to the actions of the TPLF.

Demeke recalled the atrocities that Eritrean refugees in Tigray had faced in the hands of the TPLF and the status of the newly built refugee camps for Eritrean refugees in the Amhara region.

He  also expressed concerns over the activities of some of the Ethiopian refugees in Sudanese camps who exploited their refugee status to escape responsibility for the crimes that they committed in Ethiopia and to resume their assaults on the country.

The High Commissioner on his part noted  Demeke’s concern and pledged to cooperate with the government to address the issues and further share responsibilities in supporting refugees in Ethiopia.

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