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June 17, 2021
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Find your blood in Africa

The full genetic structure of Ethiopians against other Africans. It is clear that Sandawes were from Ethiopia though they now are considered from the jungle simply because they speak click language. Most Ethiopian share three major bloods: Levant (France), Ari and one unknown that seems indigenous to Ethiopia (the one shared with Maasai in larger load.  Most Ethiopians lack West African blood as can here be seen in Yoruba or YRI but Anuak and Gumuz do. Afar, Amhara Tigray and Oromo are undifferentiated. Somali with a very slight difference. The two Somali: Ethiopian and the Somali land indeed are exactly the same. Yet the blood composition is exactly the same as the rest like Amhara, Tigray, Oromo, and Afar. This is a clear evidence that linguistic variation does not go with the actual genetic makeup.

D.Sertse Desta


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