Federal, Regional States Executive Body Forum Urges Citizens to Stand Together in Defeating TPLF

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October 29/2021(ENA) The Federal and Regional States Executive Body Forum which held consultations in Bahirdar city today reiterated that the terrorist TPLF is Ethiopia’s most dangerous and serious security threat.

A forum on federal and regional states relations led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Demeke Mekonnen said in a statement it issued today that all Ethiopians must stand together to reverse the mission of the criminal group.

Its divide and rule ploy used to first rule the country and now disintegrate the nation as well as betrayal of the country and the people to foreign enemies will end forever, the statement  stressed.

It further added, “We are here in Bahir Dar today to discuss about how we can bury, reverse and destroy this enemy of Ethiopians and we have reaffirmed our readiness to destroy the criminal group with little sacrifice.”

We are able to cope with our illness; by resisting temptations, filling the gaps, and being strong, we stop the desires of the destructive group.

The statement said that there is no doubt that we can change history. As the terrorist group is fading out, the dawn of a new era is on the horizon.

It also lauded all members of the defense force and security forces of all regions who have been sacrificing their lives for the love of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

“We want to assure you that we and all Ethiopians are with you in every situation and that Ethiopia and Ethiopians will forever remember you as heroes,” the statement underscored.

Therefore, we have no doubt that the historical and just struggle that you started will end in victory.

Finally, the statement called on the entire Ethiopian people to understand the scale and depth of the war and join the heroic national defense force and all regional security forces to defend the country.

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