Federal Police Reform Helps to Maintain Rule of Law by Respecting Human Rights: OHCHR Representative

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Addis Ababa November 20/2022/ENA/ Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) regional representative for East Africa, Marcel Akpovo said that the reform works being carried out in the Ethiopian Federal Police will help the nation to ensure rule of law in a manner that respects human rights.

The representative made the remark during his visit to the main department of the federal police in which he commended the reform activities.  

He said during the occasion that the general procedures of the Ethiopian Federal Police, including crimes prevention and investigation are supported by technology and respect of human rights based on the procedures that are expected from a police institution.

He also witnessed the fact that in addition to developing data collection supported by technology with a view to safeguarding the public’s safety, the collected data will be presented as crucial evidence to the courts.

On the other hand, he said the technology employed to properly supervise police officers that are deployed to execute missions, will help to easily address problems that might encounter in the course of actions.

“…I have observed that the possibility that offers for the police to be able to oversight on the behavior of the police officers. The technologies that I have seen help a lot to deter abusive behaviors of police officers when they are deployed in the field.”

He stressed the need for the newly employed technologies protect the private rights of citizens urging for the continuation of strengthened procedures that respect human rights.

The procedures developed by the Ethiopian Federal Police are in line with international provisions that a suspect is considered innocent until found guilty in a court of law and that his human rights are protected, he underlined

The procedures developed in the department of criminal investigations, which are crucial part of the justice system, are consistent with the police duties expected in this sector, he added.

He also expressed hope that if the reform works in the police institution continue, Ethiopia will become a center of excellence and an example at the African level.

 “If the encouraging reform activities in the federal police continue, I have no doubt that Ethiopia’s Police become one of the best police institutions in Africa.”

The representative has also  affirmed  that High Commission for Human Rights will extend its support  to strengthen the ongoing reforms.   

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