Fed Gov’t Proposal Demonstrates Commitment to Peaceful Resolution of Conflict in North: PMO

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Addis Ababa August 18/2022/ENA/ The peace proposal made by the federal government of Ethiopia is another demonstration of its continued commitment to peaceful resolution of the conflict in the northern part of the country, Press Secretary for the Office of the Prime Minister said.

It is to be recalled that the Main Peace Committee has adopted a peace proposal that would lead to ceasefire and lay foundation for future political dialogue.

Press Secretary Bilene Seyoum told foreign media correspondents today that the proposal requests the peace talks to happen in the coming weeks and move towards an agreed ceasefire.

It also proposes an in-depth political dialogue that leads towards settlement between the parties.

Any other pending issues should be addressed through the National Dialogue, the proposal states.  

According to the press secretary, the proposal is another demonstration of the government’s continued commitment to peace and peaceful resolution to the conflict.

The proposal puts into perspective the people of Tigray and affected communities in Afar and Amhara regional states as the consequences of the devastation need respite at this moment, she added.

The talks must be held without any preconditions because Ethiopians in Tigray region need not continue being prisoners of TPLF’s own political agenda, the peace proposal establishes.

Despite all the predicaments, including the continued conscription of youth in the region and accumulation of weaponry through various means, created by the TPLF, the posture of the federal government remains that of peaceful engagement and resolution to the conflict, Bilene noted.

Cognizant of the illegal flow of local and foreign currencies being funneled into TPLF’s coffer and the siphoning of humanitarian assistance and fuel reserves towards the combatants, instead of the intended beneficiaries in Tigray region, the government remains ready for peaceful  engagement, the press secretary stressed.  

Noting that the agenda for peace has been at the forefront by the Government of Ethiopia before the war broke out, she recalled the gestures that had been made by the government during the war too.

The call for peace and peaceful resolution continues at this moment despite the lack of interest for peace by TPLF, she pointed out.

TPLF has continued to propagate misleading narrative indicating that the issue of restoration of services “ as if there is only a single on and off button that is centrally located.”

The government has, however, made it clear on several occasions to its partners and the public that the security and administration arrangements within Tigray region need to be cleared and put in place to facilitate the technical repair works on the ground to restore the services.  

Hence, an operable and enabling environment is essential for such technical works to be undertaken on the ground, she underscored.

“And at the moment, with very vocally belligerent and illegally armed group that is operating at its own whim and refusing to accept peace talks, the required enabling and secure environment is lacking for the restoration of services.”

If TPLF generally cares for the wellbeing of Ethiopians in the Tigray region, “then they should be publicly asked by various international community actors to accept the peace agenda and sit for talks instead of looking for excuses to avoid this peace talk.”  

The press secretary also reaffirmed the government’s readiness for peace talks under the auspices of the African Union led process at any time and at any place.

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