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Exposed: ex-sinister warlord Tamrat Layne is an anointed puppet

The Horn Times Newsletter
by Getahune Bekele | South Africa

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Malcolm X

“Mothers and fathers who survived the Arbagugu genocide are dying off in apparent grief after 24 years of agonizing wait for justice” Mulualem Habte, survivor.

“The lord approves and readily accepts my harmonious worship and service, so long will the power of my enemies be overwhelmed and dispersed, and the blessings of my peace, of favourable weather and abundant crops, and all that is to my benefit, will be freely bestowed upon me.”… So preaches and prays ordained protestant pastor, former organ-eating warlord Tamrat Layne of Ethiopia, much to the disgust of thousands of his victims who suffered unimaginable loses and endured terrible hardships during his reign of terror in the early 90s.

Obsessed with self-damaging dominance and sickening ethnocentric madness, the docile-horse of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, once nick-named “the under taker” for sending thousands of Ethiopians to early deaths, the unparalleled evil is today claiming sainthood in a fake spiritual estate he curved out for himself while doing time in TPLF prison for stealing millions from the poorest of the poor.

Recently, the Horn Times picked up pure bible vandalism in one his sermons that what comes out of his mouth is an artful lie mixed with hypocritical invention of knavish tricks to evade justice and to hide in the ranks of Christendom, pretending to be a reformed pastor, as pious as the archimandrites and monks. However, his victims from Gonder, Arbagugu, Guna, Harer and Bedeno areas of Ethiopia know that the sinister fascist is an unrepentant war criminal and a convicted thief with no sense of shame.

Even some in his own congregation repeatedly said pastor Tamrat Layne’s nauseating gibberish wont assuage the pain of Ethiopians, only justice will.

According to a TPLF insider who spoke to the Horn Times on condition of anonymity, out of his well publicised conscientious stupidity, warlord-cum-evangelist Tamrat Layne still identifies himself with Tigre People’s Liberation Front/TPLF, the ruling party in Ethiopia since May 1991. He actively supports the existing apartheid style power structure that favours the minority ethnic Tigres over millions of non-Tigre Ethiopians who remain virtual slaves in their own country.

Speaking by phone from Addis Ababa, our well-placed source said the rag tag murderer Tamrat Layne, never distanced himself from the TPLF coterie that discarded and jailed him a decade ago.

“Look, pastor Tamrat was convicted of larceny and corruption but kept his illegally acquired massive farm land situated near the lakeside city of Zeway in Southern Ethiopia. TPLF warlords didn’t trace or attempted to recover the millions Tamrat allegedly stashed in off-shore accounts. The revved up thief is still a very wealthy man, with good business connections in the TPLF under world. So why would he leave Tigre People’s Liberation Front?” our source added.

Furthermore, the TPLF insider who described himself as a “mere layman” in one of the fragmented, TPLF aligned protestant churches alleged that the malcontent murderer Tamrat Layne is currently an anointed puppet after being re-consecrated by PM Hailemariam Desalegn to serve the minority junta as cadre evangelist under the watchful eyes of Tigray Republic’s ecclesiastical tribunal boss and die-hard Meles Zenawi loyalist pastor Daniel Gebreselassie; an allegation that would shake the very foundation of TPLF driven and Roman Tesfaye sponsored evangelism in Woyane-Ethiopia.

“We always tremble with indignation seeing a church turning into bedlam whenever widows and orphans confronted and lampooned the motor-mouth preacher Tamrat Layne on the pulpit. He still persists in the most barefaced lies about the horrific acts of violence he perpetrated on behalf of his beloved Fuhrer, the late totalitarian blood- sucker Meles Zenawi.” Alemnesh Gurmesa, 49, a member of the protestant Meserete Kirstos church told the Horn Times from Istanbul- Turkey.

“What you see today in our protestant churches is part of the tottering Junta’s perniciously wicked plan of completely controlling it, the same way it controls the Islamic faith and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church. The current bitter reality is that every church and every Mosque in our country has a cadre clergy, very much unfit to serve the creator. Look at how a cadre sheikdom led by Tigray grand mufti, sheik Elias, runs the Islamic faith against the will of millions. Look at how true leaders are convicted on phony charges of terrorism and jailed…. There is no freedom of worship in Woyane Ethiopia. Religion has been hijacked and politicised by the ruling minority junta…” the angry business executive uttered, sobbing silently.

“The war and terror this man unleashed, the tragedy of it touched almost every household in our land, yet he roams free showing of his ill-gotten wealth and torments his victims in the name of God. Where is justice? Where is justice?

The man who made us blanch with fright for a decade is free..Unbelievable. The international criminal court must step in.” Embet H.Micael poured her heart out to the Horn Times.

Moreover, Mulualem Habte, 39, a cub driver who grew up in the town of forty rivers, Arbagugu, appeared inconsolable when contacted by the Horn Times reporter in Piazza, Addis Ababa.

“The utter barbarity of this extremely belligerent warlord named Tamrat Layne is well documented. I and five friends endured every affliction between 1991-1993 in Arbagugu and Guna areas of Arsi province; and caught a glimpse of the horror Tamrat Layne’s private militia had perpetrated. If given chance, we will give a coherent account of the Arbagugu and Guna pogroms. We live in the hope of one day testifying before a war crimes tribunal.

Our siblings are asleep in the dust of the earth but the man who exterminated them is enjoying his life. We want Tamrat Lyne thrown into the abyss and forced to ponder all the unbearable pains and tragedies he caused us. We are crying for justice. Where is justice? Believe me, Mothers and fathers who survived the Arbagugu genocide are dying off in apparent grief after 24 years of agonizing wait for that elusive justice. We need some sort of closure soon.

“The macabre story, the eerie story of untold human suffering in TPLF concentration camps around Arbagugu in 1991 should not be remaining buried with Meles Zenawi. For us survivors, it is very difficult to comprehend as to why the Arbagugu bloodbath didn’t get the attention of the international community just like the Srebrenica massacre which took place at the same time in two different continents. Am teary-eyed here, brother. Every day we rage and fume about watching Tamrat Layne talking mercy. Mercy in our expense. Oh our Ethiopia.”

The wanton murderer Tamrat Layne’s career of violence started way back in the mid 70s in the back wood of civilization, in Tigray Republic. He was member of the feared group of brutal warlords then known as “the wicked quartet”, namely, TPLF prodigy the late Leggese Zenawi later known as Meles Zenawi, TPLF military commander and terror guru the late Haylom Araya and TPLF intelligence boss, lower ranking warlord Aboy Bisrat Amare, who is currently living in hiding in the United States of America.

The so- called wicked quartet’s role in the extremely rigid and homogenous TPLF wasn’t limited to just giving bellicose orders during the years of armed confrontation with Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party/EPRP in and around the mountain fastness of Asimba. After a decision was taken to stop “Amhara encroachment” into the red-Tigray by the TPLF leadership of the time, young intellectual EPRP members who fled Mengistu’s red terror campaign were hunted down and wiped out in cold blood by Tamrat Layne and his partners in crime.

However, as the calls for justice continue to reverberate across the harshly ruled East African nation, millions want Tamrat Lyne to stand trial apart from the Arbagugu pogroms, for the 1993 Asabot monastery onslaught to which he was directly responsible and for well documented anti-Amhara hate speeches he delivered during his time as PM of Ethiopia.

To balance our story, we have tried to contact the ex- warlord turned Pastor, Tamrat Lyne, for almost two weeks but he failed to reply to our emails and text massages.

For how long is this nasty individual who tears the nation apart with his poisonous tongue and fixated on bringing the Rwanda type genocide to Ethiopia walking around freely? Will the grief stricken and the disconsolate ever get justice?


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