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Ethiopia’s green legacy purpose face defeat as arsonists target Parks

The causes of fire that affected four national parks in Ethiopia is man made, the government admitted. 

Green legacy _ arsonists _ Ethiopia
Photo credit : EBC


Ethiopia launched a massive Green Legacy, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s flagship project, about two years ago with the objective to end deforestation and reduce the impacts of climate change. 

Billions of Trees were planted across the country during those years.  Six billion more three are also planned to be planted in the coming months, as disclosed by Mr. Abiy Ahmed. 

The purpose of the Green Legacy project, however, seems to be facing defeat as Ethiopia’s major national parks with forests are being burned – in what seems to be rather a coordinated destruction plan. 

Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation and Protection authority said on Wednesday, as reported by state media EBC, that the cause of the fire in the national parks is not natural. Authorities linked it to burning wood for charcoal and arson.

Although not specified by authorities, there have been reports that radical groups were also targeting forests – especially those close to monasteries.  

With hate-based ethnic nationalism hostile to Ethiopia as a country and external challenges that are primarily targeting to create a weak and unstable Ethiopia,  the vulnerabilities are understandable. 

Simien Mountains National Park, Awash National Park, Bale Mountains National Park and Hailadege Asebot National Bark were among the parks that were targeted by arsonists this month. 

Nakachew Berelew, Communications affairs of the Ethiopian Wildlife Conservation and Protection authority, confirmed to state media that the fire in those parks is now under control.  


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