Ethiopia’s Fight to Freedom Should be Taken as African Fight to Justice, Freedom: S. African Activist

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January 03/2022 (ENA) Ethiopia’s fight to freedom should be taken as an African fight to justice and freedom, the South African Activist Nhlanhla Lux said.

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Ethiopia’s fight to freedom should be taken as an African fight to justice and freedom, South African Activist from Soweto Nhlanhla Lux said.

The young South African activist and Pan Africanism advocate, Lux made the remark in his press briefing today upon arrival at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

He also promotes the idea that African problems should be resolved by Africans themselves.

The aim of his visit to Ethiopia is to make efforts towards expanding and institutionalizing the objectives of the ‘NoMore’ movement throughout Africa and share his personal experiences, it was indicated.

It is noted that the  ‘NoMore’ movement is being carried out across the world with a view to opposing foreign interference in the affairs of Ethiopia and other countries in the Horn.

 Lux also said: “I felt the utmost gratitude and happiness to come to Ethiopia, the mother of Africa.”

He stated that making sure that Ethiopia does not fall in to the hands of colonialism is like saving the African continent.

” …the wealth of African knowledge lies in Ethiopia and if the last country in Africa is colonized, we will lose everything ,that means our history will be gone.” he added.

The Pan Africanist further stated that it is time for Africans to strengthen their unity and fend off foreign pressure.

“My message to all Africans is that it is time for us to start to stand together,” the South African activist said.

In a bid to support Africa get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, young Africans should also struggle along with African leaders, he added.

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