Ethiopia’s Diplomatic Efforts Successful, Despite Challenges: MoFA Spokesperson

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Addis Ababa, November 30,2021 (ENA) The diplomatic efforts being exerted by the government to inform the world about the situation in Ethiopia have been successful, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA).

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In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, Dina Mufti, said there are challenges on Ethiopia’s national security from some corners.  

“These imposition of challenges emanate from information and disinformation campaigns being undertaken by the terrorist TPLF, misrepresenting whatever Ethiopia has been doing,” he added.

According to him, there were misrepresentation of what Ethiopia was doing by way of defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity, particularly during the law and order enforcement operation that has been undergoing for several months.  

The terrorist group also misrepresented the efforts that Ethiopia has been undertaking so as to create conducive atmosphere for the relief supplies in the affected areas, particularly in the northern part of the country including Tigray, Amhara, and Afar regions.

The spokesperson said although there have been massive aid and massive support inflows made by the Government of Ethiopia to these affected regions, some corners look way from these  efforts.

Furthermore, Dina stated that another pressure emanates from the negotiations around the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).  

The two other lower riparian countries sometimes go away and they are not negotiating in good faith. But Ethiopia is doing so, he noted, adding that “there is, however, a growth of injustice by misrepresenting whatever Ethiopia has been doing so as to successfully negotiate on the GERD.”

Moreover, there is misrepresentation and pressure that emanates from whatever the Sudanese side has been doing by way of invading sovereign Ethiopian territory, he pointed out.  

The spokesperson noted that Ethiopia has been handling this in a very careful manner. The other side would not want to acknowledge this and likes to portray to others that Ethiopia is not doing anything or Ethiopia is misbehaving.

Despite these and other pressures, “the diplomatic efforts being undertaken by Ethiopia to inform the rest of the world on the law enforcement and order operation and other Ethiopia’s efforts have been successful. And some corners have already realized this and given support,” he elaborated.

“That is why taking Ethiopia’s issue to the UN Security Council has not been successful. Taking the issue of the GERD negotiations to that forum has also not been successful yet. It is rather being dealt under the auspices of the African Union.”

Not only that, Ethiopians at home are massively rising up to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country, Dina said. This gives strengthen to Ethiopia’s diplomatic efforts abroad.  

He explained, “if strong at home, if solid at home; your international relations will also be solid  as well. The support by the Ethiopian Diaspora, people of Ethiopian origin and friends of Ethiopia from neighboring countries abroad has also been massive in this sense.”

This has given Ethiopia an image of invisibility; that Ethiopia is a very strong country, he noted, adding that “our diplomacy could be strengthened in such manner.”

However, there are some limitations that should be overcome; and works have been underway  to upgrade diplomatic activities, the spokesperson persons said.

He applauded the role of the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia for their effort in denouncing external interference in the internal affairs of the country and misrepresenting the situation in the country.

“In the recent history of the Ethiopian Diaspora movement, this is unprecedented. This is huge; this is great by way of supporting Ethiopian unity and territorial integrity.”  

And this diaspora movement, particularly the recent movement in more than 25 cities of Europe and the US by the Ethiopian Diaspora, together with friends of Ethiopia from neighboring countries like Eritrea, Somalia has been huge.

Dina stressed that these activities should be maintained for the sake strengthening these nations. “ It is a big asset in our diplomatic relationship; it is a big asset in our domestic efforts to strengthen our cohesion as well.”

Moreover, the he indicated that the participation of legendary popular individuals in these activities gives impetus and urge others to support it.

“Apart from that, it is getting the depth of being a movement that now represents not only Ethiopia. Because for many African countries, Ethiopia is a symbol of African unity, symbol of African independence. Not only this, even more than that some people are taking Ethiopia to be a symbol of black movement,” he revealed.

Speaking about the recently leaked video showing Western diplomats and a leader of the terrorist group TPLF discussing plans to overthrow the democratically elected government, Dina underscored that this is behind door conspiracy against the constitutionally elected government in the country.

“This is behind door conspiracy against a constitutionally elected government in the country. This is unconstitutional and illegal act aimed at overthrowing a legal government of the nation. This is gross interference in the internal affairs of the sovereign country,” he elaborated.

According to the spokesperson, this is against the UN Charter, AU Charter and all rules and regulations governing international relations. It is an act that should be condemned.

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