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Ethiopia’s Ancient Civilization Crucial for Nat’l Unity, Prosperity: Speakers

Lalibella,January 25/2021(ENA)Ethiopians should use the ancient fingerprints of the country`s civilization to ensure unity and national prosperity, according to Speakers of house of peoples` representatives (HPR) and House of Federation.

Speakers of house of peoples` representatives, Tagesse Chafo, Speaker of House of Federation, Adem Farah and Speakers of Councils of Regional States and City Administrations, who are in Lalibela town for a joint consultative forum, have visited Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches.

The speakers said during the occasion that the Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches are precious assets that could be immense sources of knowledge for the current generation.  

“Lalibela enables us to understand the wisdom and fingerprints of ancient Ethiopians”,

Speaker of HPR, Tagesse Chaffo said Citing that since the ancient times, Ethiopians had worked together to put their country to the tower of civilization, Tagesse said Lalibella that was built without sophisticated technologies, shows the perseverance of the ancient forefathers to their nation.

The Speaker called on Ethiopians to remain united in their efforts with preserving the nation’s history, culture and traditions to realize Ethiopia`s prosperity.

Despite the country is endowed with various religious, cultural, historic and natural heritages, they have not been used enough for economic development and strengthening the unity of the nation, he noted.

He also stressed the need to execute various regulations in order to restore the tourism sector and increase its economic benefits which have been disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the speaker elaborated.

Speaker of House of Federation, Adem Farah said for his part that Lalibela Rock-Hewn Churches demonstrates the fact that Ethiopia was at the tower of civilization.

He urged Ethiopian scholars to focus on historical assets to help enhance the national unity of the country by creating bondage among the people.

 “We must use the good deeds that we have inherited from the ancient Ethiopians as a provision and use them for future nation building and prosperity”, he said adding, knowing each other’s culture, history, traditions and heritages and respecting one another will critically contribute to strengthening national unity and the nation building efforts.

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