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Ethiopians: That Is The Way It Should Be!

March 9, 2019

Tegenaw Goshu

I am one of millions of ordinary Ethiopians who are genuinely concerned about the very undesirable if not dangerous political and social trends resurfacing at this very critical moment of getting rid of not only the very deadly political game of the inner circle of TPLF but also all elements of the same game, and about the question of how to deal with it accordingly. I am also one of those millions ordinary compatriots who sincerely believe that the country is at the very critical political juncture (urgent and decisive decision- making cross road) than any time in its political history. Yes, I am one of those millions of ordinary of fellowmen and fellowmen who strongly believe that it is absolutely crucial for us to choose the right road (way out) before it is too late. Needless to say, the only way out (road) is to make concerted efforts with a real sense of bring about a fundamentally democratic system that would enable us to live as civilized, dignified, prosperous, peaceful and peace-loving citizens of Ethiopia that truly and productively embraces the very essence of unity within diversity.

I read a statement by a cross-sectional grouping called Addis Ababachin: Association of Youth, Adults and Intellectuals (March 9, 2019) expressing its serious concern on the very dangerous political game being orchestrated and operational in and around Addis Ababa in particular and in the country in general. I carefully and seriously went through the outlined measures (actions) to be taken by both federal and local governments as well as by all genuinely concerned Ethiopians wherever they may live.

Here is the way I see and understand this very crystal clear, straight-forward, rational, realistic, constructive and of course patriotic statement of position and determination to fight back all kinds of evil-driven intentions and actions that are against the struggle for the prevalence and assurance of a democratic country in which the very fundamental rights and dignities of all citizens should be exercised and respected equally and equally only.

Let me start by saying that the statement is quite appropriate, legitimate, farsighted, and truly patriotic as far as the need to avert the very nonsensical but dangerous political threat not only to Addis Ababa (the capital of Ethiopia and the very hub of Africa and the world) but also to the very survival of the country itself is concerned.

Yes, it is true that patience, tolerance, morality and humbleness are great to the extent of hurting oneself if they bear fruit of real mutual understanding, peace and mutual benefits. They are essential factors (elements) to deal with any disagreement, dispute and conflict, and to provide a desirable solution.  Their essentiality becomes much more critical when it comes to a country that has been terribly messed up by a political system designed and run by a bunch of people who have been so crazy about how to fulfil their own monstrously voracious self-interests in the name of serving the interests of ethnic groups or nationalities.

However, the very idea of morality, tolerance, patience and humbleness desperately does require a partner or compatriot who genuinely, rationally, critically, and productively understands the very essence and great outcome of working hard together for a common good with a real sense of mutual respect that should pay the way for advancing the pursuit of making the common density peaceful and prosperous. This is what is terribly missing in our political discourse.

Morality and tolerance without an appropriate and rational way of action are useless as a prayer without living by practical example is so meaningless. After paying huge and priceless sacrifices for a  long period of time, the people of Ethiopia are able to bring about a relatively encouraging change for the better within about a year.

Sadly enough, what we are witnessing and facing these days in our country is quite the contrary. Needless to say, the very ugly and destructive political trend of attempting to replace one terribly dictatorial (minority) ethno-centric regime of TPLF with another horribly dictatorial (majority) ethno-centric regime is dangerously opposite to what the people of Ethiopia sacrificed for. The sacrifice was and is to bring about a fundamentally democratic country in which all citizens could live with a real sense of freedom, justice, human dignity, equal opportunity, fraternity, peace, and shared prosperity within diversity.

It is very alarming these days  to witness  the very interests of the innocent people of Ethiopia particularly in Tigray and Oromia are being hijacked by those evil-driven fellowmen and fellowmen who felt losing their power of abusing everything for their own extremely wild self-interests as well as   by those ethno-centric extremists who very stupidly convince themselves that it is their turn to play  their deadly politics at the very expense of the very lives of the people and the very  survival of the country .    Deeply and unbearably painful!

It is from this perspective that I strongly appreciate the very message of the statement for calling a spade a spade and saying enough is enough before it is too late to avert the very dangerous political game being played by those elements of ethno-centrism operating either as parts of the government (the ruling circle) or as outside hijackers of peoples’ concerted efforts to bring about a democratic change with the very idea of unity within diversity.

The Truth and only the truth shall win! The only truth is that those compatriots (fellow Ethiopians) who try hard to mess with the very fundamental demand and interests of the innocent people of Ethiopia should not and cannot go without being challenged and of course without being  defeated and punished! Yes, enough is enough!!!


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