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June 17, 2021
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Ethiopians stage demonstration to protest U.S. intervention

U.S intervention _ Ethiopia
Picture from the protest at Addis Ababa Stadium (photo : EBC)


As the U.S. enhances pressure on Ethiopia on alleged grounds of “human rights violations” in the Tigray region of Ethiopia pushing for a dialogue between the vanquished Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the Ethiopian government, Ethiopians in the country and abroad are reacting to it by staging demonstrations. 

In the capital Addis Ababa, tens of thousands of youth marched to the stadium to protest against U.S. intervention which they say is violating Ethiopian sovereignty. 

Earlier this week, the U.S. state department announced visa restrictions against targeted Ethiopian  and Eritrean officials. The statement also demanded withdrawal of “Amhara forces from Tigray region.” 

The protesters condemned the United States’ undue influence over Ethiopia. 

“Ethiopia does not need a protectorate”, “Free and fair election for Ethiopia” – are among the slogans that protesters carried. 

Security was tight in the capital Addis Ababa. Police closed several streets as part of a security arrangement. 

Similar Protests took place in other cities and towns across Ethiopia. 

Veteran patriots and government officials, including Addis Ababa acting Mayor Adanech Abiebie, attended the protest at Addis Ababa Stadium. 

There are anticipations that TPLF elements might attempt organizing a pro-US intervention protest in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

More updates to come. 

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