Ethiopians in Washington D.C. rally supporting Ethiopia – New Business Ethiopia

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Ethiopians living in Washington D.C. , and surrounding cities in the United States rally on Sunday in support of the under-construction Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and the federal army of Ethiopia.

Ambassador of Ethiopia in the United States Fitsum Arega, and Ethiopia’s UN permanent representative Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie have addressed the gathering expressing their appreciation for the Ethiopians in the diaspora who have actively been contributing for the development of their country.

The rally is organized by Peace and Unity for Ethiopia, a civic society established by Ethiopians in the United States. Ambassador Fitsum urged the Ethiopian diaspora to continue their public diplomacy and their support for the Ethiopian national defense force, which at the moment is engaged in foiling the attempt of the terrorist group – TPLF  that has been working to destabilize Ethiopia.

In addition to financial support for the construction of GERD, Ambassador Fitsum also urged the Ethiopians in the diaspora to invest in their country, according to the information obtained from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.

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