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Ethiopian State Media Unexpectedly Announce the Appointment of Serving Ministers, Univ. President as Ambassadors

Ethiopian State media have today announced the appointment of government ministers and Adddis Abeba University’s President as Ambassadors. The appointment was reportedly made by President Mulatu Teshome.

  • Kasa Tekleberhan currently serving Federal Affairs Minister until today July 26, 2017.
  • Shiferaw Teklemariam serving Education Minister.
  • Amb. Berhane Gebre-Christos currently serving at a Ministerial portfolio special envoy of the the Prime Minister. 
  • Aster Mamo, former OPDO Dep Chair and Minister with the rank of Deputy Prime Minister
  • Merga Bekana, former Chair of National Election Board (Who was said to be an independent)
  • Ali Sulieman, former Head of the Corruption Commission (Who was said to be an independent)
  • Prof Admassu Tsegaye, currently serving President of the Addis Abeba University (AAU)
  • Amb. Tebeje Berhe
  • Metasebia Tadesse
  • Mulugeta Zewde
  • Lulit Zewde
  • Ewnetu Bilata (ambassador)

Government media also reported that over 35 government officials and businesspeople have been detained suspected of corruption since yesterday. Appointment as ambassadors and reshuffles are often the methods  the current Ethiopian regime uses to disperse or hide its loyal officials that are involved in corrupt practices.

Under Admassu’s presidency, the AAU was accused of financial mismanagement and irregularities. Last year the Ethiopian Auditor General found 1.5 billion Br illegitimate transactions were made by the University.

It is yet unclear if the serving officials were informed about their new roles ahead or they learnt about it on the media.

The report did not mention the specific locations, the new appointees are being sent to.

Source – Ethiopian State Media

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