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Ethiopian Premier League Record Breaking Striker Speaks

Getaneh Kebede of Dedebit & Ethiopia

Getaneh Kebede was born in Dilla town in southern Ethiopia. He is an Ethiopian footballer who plays for Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) club Dedebit Football Club and the Ethiopian National Team. He began his footballing career with Debub Police before he moved to Dedebit and was crowned the top scorer of the EPL. In 2013, Getaneh succeeded in passing trials with Bidvest Wits and signed a three-year contract with the team. In September 2016, he rejoined his old club Dedebit. Getaneh made his debut with the Ethiopian National Team in a FIFA World Cup qualifier against Somalia in November 2011. Back in the EPL, he became top scorer of all time with 25 goals in 30 games, and in the process breaking the record held by Electric player Yordanos Abay for the last 16 years with 24 goals. Dawit Tolesa of The Reporter sat down with him to discuss his current performance and future plans. Excerpts:

The Reporter: The 2016/17 EPL ended last week. How do you evaluate the season?

Getaneh Kebede: Well, it was very tight compared with previous seasons. All clubs were trying to win every match, especially home games. Even then top clubs were struggling to get three points at every match. But, still we can’t say that it was very tough because some clubs like Sidama Coffee and Dedebit had a chance to win the championship. However, the clubs didn’t succeed and they failed to win games towards the end of the season. Until the very end of the fixtures, it was not easy to identify those clubs that were to be relegated.

You have been playing for South African side Bidvest Wits and Pretoria University. How was your stay out there?

After four years with Dedebit FC, on July 19, 2013 I moved to South Africa for trials with Bidvets Wits and I later signed a three-year contract with the team. I played two years for the club and one year for Pretoria University. I had a great time out there as my debut with a foreign club, and it was a great experience for me. But since the coach was sacked from my first club, it was not easy to get attention like previously. There were also other clubs which I was planning to join. Unfortunately, I couldn’t succeed and I decided to return home.

Source- Reporter

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