Ethiopian Owned NOC Djibouti Unveils Modern Service Station in Djibouti

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Addis Ababa /ENA/ December 21/2022  Ethiopia’s overseas investment, NOC Djibouti, has unveiled a modern service station worth over 200 million Djiboutian franc in Djibouti.

The service station is equipped with a cutting-edge and efficient distribution system that complies with the latest international standards in terms of safety and environmental protection.

The inaugural ceremony of the station was attended by the Minister of Energy in charge of Natural Resources of Djibouti, Yonis Ali Guedi, NOC Djibouti Country Chairman, Fassil Woldemariam, representatives of the Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti, and other notable guests.

NOC Djibouti has dedicated a significant amount of resources to the construction of this station, which will serve as a valuable asset for Ethiopia and the local community, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the occasion, Fassil Woldemariam expressed appreciation to the Ethiopian Ambassador in Djibouti, Ambassador Berhanu Tsegaye, for the cooperation and efforts extended to foster a favorable investment environment for Ethiopian companies and businesses in Djibouti.

It is to be recalled as part of expanding investments in neighboring countries, Ethiopian-owned NOC Djibouti inked a 1.3 million USD deal with China Construction (CC) a year ago to refurbish and modernize a service station in Djibouti.

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