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Ethiopian Journalists Exodus Continues

CNN iReport

ethiopian_private_newspapers-348x200The number of journalists fleeing from the world’s most oppressed nation, Ethiopia, has continued to rise making the country one of the world top five nations many journalists fled from. The number of the journalists fleeing the country is alarmingly increasing as the regime continues its crackdown on the media institutions and professional associations operating in the country. According to recent reports, the number of the journalists fled the country in the past few months only has reached 22. The current exodus is said to be the worst ever. The Ethiopian Revolutionary Democratic Movement (EPRDF), which has been in power since 1991, has begun the recent media crackdown on one bloggers’ groups known as Zone 9 and a journalist association called Ethiopian Journalists Forum (EJF). And the crackdown is said to be strategically orchestrated to silence criticism and avoid possible challenges before the elections in 2015. Here is the list of the Journalists:

  1. Journalist Betre Yacob (President of Ethiopian Journalists Forum(EJF), columnist at Ebony Magazine, correspondent for ASSAMAN Magazine, writer for THE DAILY JOURNALIST, contributor to ECADF and other Ethiopian online news websites, and blogger at ETHIOPIAHOT .
  2. Journalist Tesema Desalegn (Founder and Managing editor of Ebony magazine)
  3. Journalist Zerihun Mulugeta (Public Relation of EJF and Senior Reporter at Sendek newspaper)
  4. Journalist Melaku Amare (Founder and Managing editor of Lia magazine)
  5. Journalist Gizaw Taye (Founder and Managing editor of Lomi magazine)
  6.  Journalist Tomas Ayalew (Managing editor of Afro-Times magazine)
  7. Sebeleworke Mekete (Senior Reporter at Lomi magazine)
  8. Bisrat Woldemichael (Training and Education Head of EJF, Editor of Finote- Netanet Newspaper and Editor in Chief of Ebony Magazine, Contributor to ZEHABESHA and other Ethiopian online news websites, and blogger at ADDISMEDIA.
  9. Abonesh Abera (Senior Reporter at Lomi magazine)
  10. Yetneberk tadele (Editor in Chief of Fortune Newspaper)
  11. Senay Abate (Editor in Chief of Lomi magazine)
  12. Asnake Lebawi (Managing Editor of Jano Megazine)
  13. Sisay Saylie (Founder and Managing editor of Piassa Newspaper)
  14. Endalkachew Tesfaye (Founder and Managing editor of Addis Guday Magazine)
  15. Endale Teshi (Editor in Chief of Addis Guday Magazine)
  16. Ibrahim Shafi (Vice Editor in Chief of Addis Guday Magazine)
  17. Habtamu Seyoum (Executive Committee Member of EJF and Columnist at Addis Guday Magazine)
  18. Dawt Solomon (Editor in Chief of Finote-Netanet Newspaper and Life Magazine
  19.  Daniel Dirsha (Media Director of Lomi Megazine) and Three other Journalists
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