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June 12, 2021
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Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office celebrated International Day


Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office has organized a forum on the occasion of International Property Rights Day, ENA reported on Friday. 

Executives of the organization say celebrating Intellectual Property Rights Day is relevant to create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights in Ethiopia. 

The office said that it has protected 1, 658 , in a span of nine months, in the areas of trademark, patent right, service model,Industrial design and copyrights. 

Ermias Yemanebirhan, Director, is cited as saying that his office is registering intellectual property to ensure that owners get the benefit they deserve and that their intellectual properties are protected. 

Apart from protecting rights, the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office has generated 18 million Ethiopian birr during the current budget year, according to Ethiopian News Agency Report. 

Furthermore, the Director said that the number of works that require patent rights are low and most intellectual property rights are protected under “service model,” right. 

During the current budget year, about 429 complaints were received of which 416 of them were resolved,  Endalu Mosisa, Deputy Director is cited as saying. 

Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office was founded in 2003. 

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