Ethiopian Homecoming Disproves False Narratives of Some Western, Media about Situation in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa December 30/2021/ENA/ The response being observed by the Ethiopian diaspora and friends to visit Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas as part of the Great Ethiopian Homecoming initiative has disproved the false narratives by some western countries and their media outlets about current situation in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Diaspora Agency said.

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Great Ethiopian Homecoming is an initiative launched by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed calling one million Ethiopians, Ethiopian origins, and friends of Ethiopia to come to Ethiopia during the upcoming Ethiopian Christmas.

As per the initiative, many have started arriving home, despite the continued western nations’ propaganda with a view to mislead the rest of the world about the reality in Ethiopia.

Communication Director of the Ethiopian Diaspora Agency, Wondwosen Giram told ENA that the responses of the Ethiopian diaspora and friends to the Great Ethiopian Great Home Coming initiative has disproved the false narratives by some western countries and their media outlets about current situation in Ethiopia.

Wondwosen said the propaganda that was orchestrated by some western media to defame Ethiopia based on false information about the current situation in the country has been foiled as huge members of the diaspora and friends are arriving in Ethiopia as part of the Ethiopian Homecoming initiative.  

Recalling the massive campaigns being conducted across the world by the Ethiopian diaspora and friends to repel the propaganda against Ethiopia, he said the Diaspora has been playing crucial role in exposing this false narrative through several mechanisms.   

He added that Ethiopians in the Diaspora have continued the campaign to show the world that Ethiopians are alongside with their democratically elected government by visiting their homeland.

“Over the past weeks the Ethiopian Diaspora and friends of Ethiopia held grand rally as part of ‘‘No more movement’’ in more than 40 international cities of 5 continents to denounce western countries’ unjust pressure on the government of Ethiopia, to express that Ethiopians are capable to solving their challenges by themselves and to urge some westerns to stop supporting the terrorist TPLF, and work with the democratically elected government in Ethiopia. Otherwise hands off Ethiopia,” Wondwosen pointed out.

The diaspora and friends of Ethiopia have been arriving in Addis by canceling their important schedules as they have given the utmost priority to defend and support their country, he stressed.

According to him, the current engagement witnessed among the Ethiopian diaspora around the globe in the affairs of Ethiopia demonstrates the fact that the diaspora community has been enhancing its solidarity and unison that had been ruined due to the evil acts of the terrorist TPLF’s 27 years of rule.  

He recalled that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s discussions held with Ethiopian Diaspora living in different parts of the world including Africa, Middle East, Europe and the US under the theme: “Break the Wall, Build the Bridge,”  had really paved ways to enhance the relationship between the diaspora and government.

It is indicated that various events have been organized as part of this historic homecoming initiative.   

During the coming one month, several events are expected to take place including symposiums, rallies, sports festivals, and visits to IDP that would encourage sustainable diaspora engagement have been planned.

Christmas in Lalibela, Timket in Gondar, and voluntary activities in conflict-raged societies and visiting mega projects and tourist destinations are among the main schedules.

According to the national committee, the scheduled events are planned to last for a month from December 29, 2021.

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