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Ethiopian gov’t invites international technical assistance in investigating violations

Humanitarian agencies are  given unfettered access to the region, according to the Ethiopian Government. 

Mekelle City


The Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia on Friday released a statement expressing commitment to undertake alleged rights violations in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. This is the second statement in less than a week. 

The statement noted that complex challenges in the region came as the direct consequence of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF)’s attack on the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4,2020. 

Furthermore, it is stated that the Ethiopian government has been making efforts to address complex security, humanitarian and social challenges in the region with the aim to stabilize the region and “bring to normalcy” the lives of citizens in the region. 

Another point stated in the statement is that the Ethiopian government has been collaborating with humanitarian agencies and development partners to address the humanitarian crisis. This week, the government announced 3.1 million people in 34 districts (out of 36 districts) received humanitarian assistance. 

World Food Program chief,David Beasley,  was this week in Tigray once more. He remarked that there is important progress in humanitarian aid delivery in the region. 

 “I’m back on the ground here in #Ethiopia, talking with our team, getting updates and continuing to push to reach everyone in need in #Tigray. Important progress being made, but much more to do. We need $107 million ASAP to scale-up 

@WFP ‘s operations,” he said this week in a Twitter message. 

Operation to bring what Ethiopian government calls criminals who are believed to be responsible for the situation in Tigray region is still underway and will continue, as confirmed by the government. 

It is pledged that the government will investigate rights violations in the region. In that regard, invitation is made for international technical assistance. 

“The government welcomes international technical assistance to undertake the investigations as well as invites the potential to collaborate on joint investigations,” the statement said. 

State media outlets reported right after completion of the law enforcement operation that TPLF set over 10,000 convicted criminals free after it realized that it lost the war. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission has announced this month that there were 108 cases of rape and sexual assault in the region. An Investigation team from the commission confirmed them from hospital sources and law enforcement bodies. 

Earlier this week, Ethiopian government said that it is gravely concerned about misinformation campaign to distort facts on the ground in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

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