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Ethiopian Government In Exile: From Idea to Reality

The idea of forming the Government of Ethiopia in Exile (GEE) has been discussed and debated for the past two decades, and particularly since January 2006 when the TPLF regime stole the May 2005 elections at the barrel of the gun. Different organizations and individuals took various routes to restore the will of the people that was expressed through the ballot box in 2005. Some argued for and chose to raise arms. Others dug in and tried to give electoral politics further try. What has not been tried yet in the struggle to remove the apartheid dictatorship in Ethiopia and replace it with an all-inclusive transitional government is setting aside party politics and bringing all stakeholders under an all-inclusive government in exile.

To take the idea to the next level, in July 2012, several Ethiopians had gathered in Dallas, Texas, and formed Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC). For the past 3 years, ENTC has held numerous town hall meetings and consultative conferences to refine the idea and reach a consensus among various stakeholders.

Last month, July 2015, ENTC and Ethiopian National Youth Movement (ENYM) have decided to take the idea to the next level after a two-day consultation with various stakeholders. They have agreed to create the Government of Ethiopia in Exile Organizing Committee (GEEOC).

Currently, the GEEOC is in the process of being formed. The initial structure has been set up. Its primary tasks include: 1) create public awareness for the need to form Ethiopian government in exile, 2) gather the necessary public, political, diplomatic, financial and material support, and 3) build the the foundation.

Creating the government in exile has multiple phases. The organizers understand that it is a complicated process that requires careful planning and hard work in order for it to gain the support of the Ethiopian people. In the coming days and weeks, GEEOC will make detailed plans available to the public and carry out various activities.

The GEE’s ultimate goal is to ensure that there will be a smooth and peaceful transition to genuine democracy in Ethiopia. We have witnessed the devastating effects of unplanned changes of regime. We should look no further than our own country. Let’s also observe what is currently going on in Syria and Libya. Change is inevitable in Ethiopia because people anywhere rise up against tyranny sooner or later. We want that change to take place in a peaceful manner as much as possible, thus averting another Red Terror, another transition to an apartheid system, and a further threat to the well-being of Ethiopia.

Join us. Take part in the effort to bring a planned, organized and peaceful change in Ethiopia.

Contact info:
ENTC: contact@etntc.org
EYNM: ethioyouthmov@gmail.com

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