Ethiopian Forces Repulse Hordes of TPLF Terrorist Fighters from Dessie & Environs

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October 30/2021(ENA) Ethiopian security forces have repulsed hordes of TPLF terrorist fighters that attempted to enter Dessie city, according to Government Communication Service.

The terrorist group which sent throngs of human wave throughout the night from Kutaber, Boru Sellassie and Haiq directions to capture Dessie was repulsed and the city and its environs remain in the hands of Ethiopian security forces, a statement of the service added.

However, groups disguised as refugees and wearing Ethiopian military uniforms and traitors in the city have been trying hard to loot and terrorize the people since yesterday.

Organized youth of Dessie and the Ethiopian security forces have, nonetheless, staunchly defended the inhabitants from robbery and terror attacks, it added.

Despite this, the TPLF terrorist group has been dissenting fake information to compensate for its humiliating defeat, the statement pointed out, noting that some foreign media outlets are also spreading the false information.

There has never been a city conquered by fabricated lies, it further stated, pointing out that the residents of Dessie have continued defending and destroying the enemy to ensure the survival of their country .

The Government Communication Service finally urged the stooges of TPLF to refrain from their destructive acts by disseminating unconfirmed information that terrorize the people.

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