Ethiopian Epiphany Colorfully Celebrate in Amhara Region –

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Addis Ababa, January 20, 2022 (Walta) – The Ethiopian Epiphany has been colorfully celebrated in liberated areas of the Amhara region from terrorist TPLF including in the towns of Dessie, Woldia, Seqota, and Kemisie.

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Ethiopian Epiphany was celebrated colorfully and peacefully across the Amhara region including the areas that were invaded by the terrorist group and now are liberated.

Residents of Dessie said that this year’s celebration of Timket is special since they are able to observe the festival in a special spirit after the horrific abuse committed by the terrorist  TPLF.

Speaking to ENA, Bililgn Eshetu stated that during terrorist TPLF’s invasion of Dessie town, the group not only robbed and destroyed properties but also inflicted heavy casualties on innocent civilians.

Even religious institutions had been looted and vandalized by the terrorist TPLF to achieve its aim of destabilizing Ethiopia, he added.

However, now the residents of the town are celebrating the festival today as the group had been dragged out of the region, he added.

“This year’s celebration of Epiphany in Dessie is unique as we are able to observe the day after the inhuman acts, suffering, and abuse committed by the invading terrorist TPLF forces on the residents,” Bililgn said.

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church Dessie Diocese Manager, Sirak Melese, on his part said Timket is being celebrated with love and unity.

“Our Muslim brothers and sisters, in particular, are helping the Christians to clean areas for the celebration of the festival,” he added.

What Muslim brothers and sisters did during the festival has been amazing which demonstrates the strong culture and values ​​of the people, he pointed out.

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