Ethiopian Embassy, ECCSA Vow to Explore Market Opportunities in Pakistan

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Addis Ababa May 29/2022/ENA/ Ethiopian Embassy in Islamabad and Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) vowed to work closely in exploring market opportunities in Pakistan, according to Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Pakistan, Jemal Beker and Deputy Head of Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Wube Mengistu met and discussed on areas of working closely to empower Ethiopian business community and make them internationally competitive.

During the discussion, Ambassador Jemal said that the Embassy in Islamabad is determined to play its role in supporting efforts to empower the Ethiopian business community and make them competitive for international trade.

He further underlined the need to create linkages with and strengthen cooperation between the Ethiopian and Pakistan’s Chamber of Commerce in investment, trade, tourism, and technology transfer.

ECCSA Deputy Head, Wube Mengistu on his part briefed the Ambassador about the reform policy, strategy and identified priority areas of engagement by the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations.

He reaffirmed commitments to working with Pakistan’s Chamber of Commerce and help the private sector build capacity, provide quality products to the international market and support the country’s aspirations for prosperity.

The two sides noted that the Chamber and the Embassy should collaborate in promoting trade, investment, and tourism opportunities in Ethiopia and explore markets in Pakistan for the mutual benefit of Ethiopia and Pakistan.

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