Ethiopian Diaspora Should Intensify Nation Building Efforts

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The Ethiopian diaspora—are Ethiopian citizens and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin who reside and work outside of Ethiopia across the world in the USA, Europe, the Middle East and Persian Gulf countries, Far East and in the African continent outside of Ethiopia. Roughly, more than 3 million Ethiopian diaspora are scattered in various countries of the world.

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Despite difficulty in kinds of livelihoods they have to live in foreign countries, the Ethiopian Diaspora have contributed a lot in the relief, rehabilitation programs of the country, in supporting the education, health, agriculture and other sectors of the national economy.

The Ethiopian Diaspora transferred more than 4.2 billion USD in 2022 in the form of remittance to families and other development programs in the country. In the same year, the Diaspora contributed more than 1.5 billion USD in five months Ethiopian fiscal year, towards the realization of national projects and support for needy citizens in the country, according Mohammed Idris, Ethiopia Diaspora Service Director General. The Diaspora has been heavily active in investment, trade, national issues and implementations of development projects among others during the stated period as the remittance has exceeded from the plan.

The Diaspora community should be praised for their firm and unwavering support to Ethiopia in time of need by presenting the cause of the country to the international community.

Incidentally, the first Ethiopian Diaspora Organizations Recognition Program is scheduled today, 26 January, 2023. According to Mohammed Idris a total of 52 Ethiopian Diaspora organizations 51 abroad and one at home will be awarded in recognition of their contributions to the national calls that have been made on various occasions. The recognition program is aimed at encouraging and expressing gratitude to the Diaspora.

Ethiopians in the Diaspora may have diverse background in political views, cultural and religious orientations. However, regardless such differences, most of the diaspora are ready to contribute their part in the overall development of their country. The Council of Ethiopian Diaspora in Action is an umbrella organization that has been active in mobilizing resources for the development of the country.

Ever since the startup of the construction of GERD in 2011, the Ethiopian Diaspora has actively participated in buying bonds and making financial contributions in millions of dollars so that Ethiopians will complete the dam and provide access to electricity to rural areas. Recognizing the contributions of the Diaspora will certainly add impetus for their commitment to participating in the ongoing nation building endeavours.

When the people and government of Ethiopia have faced unprecedented challenges, the Diaspora Council expended efforts to stand by the side of Ethiopia and its legitimate government. It is to be recalled that there have been misinformation and disinformation campaigns against Ethiopia over the last two years. The Ethiopian diaspora have effectively challenged the pressures and interferences propagated by some countries on Ethiopia, at the most crucial period of the country’s history when the statehood of the nation was challenged from within and without.

Following the peace agreement, the government is doing its best to rebuild destroyed infrastructure, restore services in war affected areas.

The aftermath of the war requires huge resources for the reconstruction and rehabilitating efforts. There are millions of Ethiopians affected by the war, IDPs included, require relief food supplies, restoration of services and reconstruction of destroyed infrastructure. All these cannot be fulfilled by the Government of Ethiopia alone. This certainly implies that a lot of support is expected from the Diaspora organizations and institutions.

No doubt the Ethiopian Diaspora have been contributing their part in ascertaining the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of the country. With the implementation of the peace agreement in the northern part of the country, the ongoing nationwide development programs and mega projects, the contributions of the diaspora is highly sought. Indeed, there is more to be desired and the Ethiopian Diaspora organizations that are now recognized and awarded take yet another responsibility to help rebuild regions affected by the war in northern Ethiopia.

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