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December 25/2021/ENA/ Ethiopian Diasporas are returning home in huge numbers for Christmas holiday following the call of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

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As per the nation’s call for a one million Ethiopian diaspora and friends, many have started arriving home to celebrate Ethiopian Christmas, amid western nations’ persistent propaganda campaign, alerting their citizens to leave the country and  tarnishing Addis Ababa as an unsafe city.

Upon return from US, Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans who reside in various states of America have told ENA that they are here to express their readiness to support Ethiopia in anyway desired.

“We came to Ethiopia denouncing western pressure on our country and we need to say ‘No More to western pressure,” Amanuel Assefa, returning from Illinois, Chicago. told ENA. He added that in a bid to revamp the economy, the Diaspora will exchange their US Dollar only through banks. “

 Ato Ermias Ayalew who resides in the Midwestern State of Missouri expressed his readiness to answer his county’s call in any way necessary.

He also called upon other Diaspora to be ready to answer the call of the Premier.

W/ro Elfenesh Maru, who is a resident of Dallas City in Texas State, said even though the western media outlets are portraying Ethiopia as an unsafe place in their fake news campaigns, we have seen how safe Addis  is.

She also said  that the Ethiopian community in Dallas is actively supporting the people who are currently displaced from their villages.

She vowed that their support will continue until the matter is solved.

Ato Habte Reta , who is also a resident of Dallas, on his part said many Ethiopians are falling for the dignity of their country, adding  the call made to us is just to buy tickets and return home for Christmas  holiday, which is much easier in comparison with what the people are doing.  

W/ro Asegedech Desyalew, a resident of the Midwestern State of Minnesota said she is immeasurably happy that she returned home.

She further said that Ethiopian and Ethiopian Americans in the US were closely following Ethiopian affairs,  adding that they are here to support the  country in any way possible.

As part of ‘the No More’ movement, Ethiopian Diaspora across the globe are demonstrating to denounce western media misinformation, hypocrisy, double standard and meddling in Ethiopian affairs.

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