Ethiopian Diaspora Intensifying Efforts to Correct Wrong Perception of Current Situation in Ethiopia

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Addis Ababa October 18/2022/ENA/ The Ethiopian Diaspora in Belgium is intensifying effort to inform the international community and foreign powers, Europeans in particular, the reality on the ground in Ethiopia and to expose the destructive activities of terrorist TPLF, Defend Ethiopia Taskforce Coordinator Ephrem told ENA.

Approached by ENA, Defend Ethiopia Taskforce and Diaspora Belgium Community Coordinator Ephrem Zewudu said that a rally will be held in Brussels on November 20, 2022 with the view to informing the reality in Ethiopia to the international community, oppose the unnecessary interference by some foreign powers in Ethiopia, and to inform people about Ethiopia’s truth.

Besides holding demonstration, letters of protest will be submitted, twitter campaign will be conducted, digital diplomacy efforts will be made, and in-person presentation will be made  to inform the reality and oppose meddling in Ethiopian affairs, he added.

Foreign powers should not interfere in Ethiopia as the people of Ethiopia do not want this, he stressed, urging the international community to stand with the people of Ethiopia.

Noting that Brussels is a political capital where EU and UN representatives reside, he stated that   efforts have been made to create awareness that their stand on Ethiopia is against the reality on the ground and it cannot maintain their interests as well.

Since multifaceted misguided attacks, including economic pressure, have been made against Ethiopia, the Ethiopian diaspora and Defend Ethiopia Taskforce are exerting efforts to tackle such challenges, Ephrem elaborated.

The coordinator believes that organizing such rallies with African brothers and sisters will make the foreign powers ask themselves.

He further called on all Ethiopians to stand together to maintain the unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

The people and Government of Ethiopia have interest to collaborate with the EU and USA in development, growth, security and friendship; but do not allow the powers to destabilize their country, the coordinator underscored.

TPLF has committed lots of crime and violence on the people of Ethiopia during its 27-year rule and  there is no community in Ethiopia that has not been subjected to oppression, atrocity and exploitation, he noted.   

However, the western countries had been silent while TPLF oppressed and later tried to destabilize the country, the coordinator stated, adding that they unfortunately favor this group.

Ephrem recommended that the misled Europeans and other powers stand with the Ethiopian people rather than with the terrorist TPLF which is condemned by the people of Ethiopia and is also against EU values and principles as well as against EU interests.

The coordinator further underscored that the TPLF should be disarmed because armed insurgency cannot be allowed and two powers cannot have parallel armies in any one country.

Armed insurgent groups do not exist in all nations, the coordinator said, adding that this is not allowed in all EU countries, he noted. “So, this double standard need not exist in Ethiopia as well.”                  

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