Ethiopian Defense Force Rejects Unfounded Claims of Sudanese Defense Forces

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June 28,2022 (ENA) The Ethiopia Defense Force has dismissed the baseless claims of Sudanese Defense Forces for the incident occurred at the Ethio-Sudan border.

Noting that the Ethiopian Defense Forces was not in the area during the incident, the National Defense Force said it is the Sudanese forces that crossed the Ethiopian territory and clashed with the local militias.

Public Relations Director at the Defence Force, Colonel Getnet Adane said while the terrorist TPLF attacked the northern command; the Sudanese army had invaded Ethiopia in a way that did not match the historical ties between the Ethiopian people and the Sudanese people.

Citing that the Sudan defense forces pose recurrent provocations on border areas whenever it faces internal crisis, Col.Getnet said that they have crossed into the Ethiopian border and attacked Ethiopian militias which resulted in damages from both sides.  

Contrary to the real fact on the ground, accusing Ethiopian national defense force is totally unacceptable and baseless claim, he affirmed.

Stating strong discipline is the manifestation of EDF for years, Colonel Getnet  said its mission in Korea, Congo, and the recent mission in Abyei area are among the witnesses to mention.

The ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday categorically rejected the misrepresentation of the facts by the Sudanese defense forces that unjustly put the blame on Ethiopia while it was the Sudanese army unit that has crossed into the Ethiopian border and made provocation.

The Government of Ethiopia believes that the incident was deliberately concocted to undermine the deep-rooted relations between the peoples of Ethiopia and the Sudan, it was indicated.

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