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Ethiopian Airlines: African airlines must look inward to the continent, liberalisation is mandatory

Ethiopian airlineEthiopian Airlines Group CEO Tewolde Gebremariam remarked (14-Nov-2014) that although Africa is registering rapid economic and travel growth, this growth is primarily benefiting non-African carriers. Mr Gebremariam commented that “times are really challenging for African airlines, whose very survival is at risk, unless two things happen very quickly”.

  • African carriers “must look inwards in the continent to leverage on the available internal resources to create synergy through collaborative partnership among themselves”. Mr Gebremariam noted Africa now has world class aviation training centers, MROfacilities and management expertise and is convinced that there are “ample opportunities for deepened commercial, technical and other types of partnerships among African carriers”.
  • Africa “must become one single unified market without any restriction for African airlines”. Fragmentation in Africa “is only benefiting foreign carriers and will lead to our certain demise”. Mr Gebremariam called on African governments to “act now and fast to unify African skies, which would also give great impetus to the continent’s economic integration”. [more – original PR]

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