Ethiopia Will Play Active Role in Implementing Outcome of China-Horn Conference: Ambassador

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Addis Ababa June 23/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia will play active part in implementing the outcome of the China-Horn of Africa Peace, Governance and Development Conference, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to China Teshome Toga said.

Participants of the China-Horn of Africa Peace, Governance and Development Conference held in Addis Ababa this weekend conducted in-depth discussions on key issues, including regional peace, development and governance in an atmosphere of unity, candor and mutual respect.  

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Ambassador Teshome said peace, security and development of the region will be implemented by member countries, including Ethiopia, in the region.

“Ethiopia is an anchor country in the region. We have a stake in regional peace and stability and regional integration and development. That is why the initiator of the conference requested Ethiopia to host this first conference.”

By hosting the conference, Ethiopia is expressing its political commitment to peace, security and development of the region so clearly; and it has been playing and contributing its part to peace and security of the region, he elaborated.

According to him, Ethiopia has played active role in coming up with an action plan to the outcome of the document and would play active part in the implementation of the outcome of the conference.

Ethiopia will contribute its role as a member country of the Horn Africa region in implementing the outcomes of the conference, Teshome said, adding that “one of the things Ethiopia would contribute significantly from its own experience is expanding, for instance, its experience in Green Legacy.”

Climate change is one of the things that have been affecting the region seriously. Environmental protection and then Green Legacy will definitely contribute in mitigating the effect of climate change.

“Ethiopia is ready and willing to share that experience. It would expand it to the region,” he stated.

Moreover, the initiative has been supported by all members of countries of the Horn of Africa region.  

Ambassador Teshome said China as a partner would like to contribute and play a role, but the actual implementation of peace, security and development is the responsibility of the countries of the Horn.

The role of China is by way of contribution to the efforts being made by the countries of the region, he said, adding that the Horn of Africa has been affected by man-made and natural crises and the Chinese government has stake and interest in the region to come up with this initiative.

“We have political differences, we have disputes here and there; but this initiative will create a platform for us to come together and discuss our differences and problems so that we can  resolve problems that may exist among countries in a peaceful way,” he underlined.

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