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May 12, 2021
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Ethiopia warns of counter-offensive against Sudan

Foreign Ministry spokesman says Ethiopia’s silence should not be taken as weakness, forces are ready to defend sovereignty

Sudan Ethiopia border

(Anadolu Agency) — Ethiopia on Tuesday warned Sudan of counter-offensive measures following the reports of the Sudanese army’s crossing the border and taking control of al-Fashqa region.

“If Sudan does not stop expanding into Ethiopian territories, Ethiopia will be forced to launch a counter-offensive,” Ethio FM 107.8 quoting Foreign Ministry spokesman Ambassador Dina Mufti as saying.

A senior Sudanese military officer on Monday said they have retaken control of an area in the al-Fashqa border region with Ethiopia.

Dina said Sudan should not take Ethiopia’s silence for weakness.

“Our forces are in stand-by 24/7 and are prepared to defend its sovereignty,” he added.

Without naming a country, Dina blamed a third party for pushing Sudan to encroach the Ethiopian territory.

However, Ethiopian bloggers have accused Egypt of actively and clandestinely working to trigger an armed confrontation between Sudan and Ethiopia.

Egypt has been opposing Ethiopia’s $5billion hydro dam under construction on the Nile River near the border with Sudan.

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