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Ethiopia: Universal Database to record the atrocities committed by TPLF and its allies on Ethiopians. (by  Muluken Gebeyew)


For the last 26 years and more, TPLF and its allies have committed numerous inhuman atrocities on Ethiopians which  at times appear unbelievable to be committed by fellow human beings. These atrocities includes killing, torture, imprisonment, displacement, dispossessions, forced evacuation, forced unemployment, ethnic cleansing,  abuse ( physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, financial) etc.


The verbal and written testimony from those who suffered such atrocities is so troubling and disturbing to any human being. People who commit these crimes are alive, on power  and continued such act in exponential rate.


There was some attempt to record such acts by certain organisations and people which appeared to be not  sufficient enough to include most atrocities for future reference and to bring those who committed these crimes to be accountable when the right time comes. Efforts by former Ethiopian Human Right Commission (led by Prof Mesfin Woldemariam) and some recoding in book like by young man Muluken Tesfahun on his latest books on the atrocities committed on Amhara people are such to count.


We are now in era where information is easily disseminated, recorded  and can be  digitally stored.  We have noticed a lot of reporting on social medias in recent years the atrocities committed in Ethiopians. We need systematic and easily available records.


Simon Wisenthal was famous a Jewish Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter and writer. Wiesenthal dedicated most of his life to tracking down and gathering information  on fugitive Nazi war criminal so that they can be brought to trial. In 1947, he co founded Jewish Historical Documentation centre in Linz, Austria  where he and others gathered information for future war criminal. He opened Jewish Documentation centre un Vienna in 1961 and continue to try to locate missing war criminals. His work  tracked and put many Nazi’s to trial for their atrocities they committed on Jewish people.


We/ Ethiopians need an organised, systematic, easily available, data base where any Ethiopian from any part of the world can put data on   the atrocities they experienced or witnessed or informed. These will serve us evidence in systematic way for future accountability /trial and anyone can see what is going on in Ethiopia under TPLF’s Iron fist. These criminals can not escape the justice wherever they go or hide and they will know their criminal act are not forgotten but recorded and one day it will be used against them.


I call up on Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians  who have the IT and Law knowledge &skill to establish such web site as database. Such website that can be easily available from anywhere the world where Ethiopians can put the data of  atrocities  committed, by whom, names, dates/time, crimes type, impact, any documents/audiovisual and relevant information can be easily recorded and saved.  Thanks to technology we don’t need to run from one part of the world to other part of the world like Simon Wiesenthal to record such events.


It may seem simplistic idea  of fighting TPLF but it is very important  and necessary to bring TPLF members  to face court when time is due. It will be  crimepedia on  atrocities committed on  Ethiopians.


(Part II will continue following response from Ethiopians).




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