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June 22, 2021
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Ethiopia Under The TPLF Is A Large Prison: Only Five Percent of Prisoners Released Thus Far

NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force

Due to internal and external pressures we recently witnessed, the TPLF regime in Ethiopia is admitting for the first time that it is holding political prisoners. The resigned puppet prime minister has shamelessly said that there are no political prisoners on so many occasions, and then he ate his own words after his TPLF bosses allowed him to say otherwise. We have also witnessed the release of few prominent Ethiopian politicians, including Dr. Merera Gudina, Andualem Arage, Eskindir Nega, Bekele Gerba, Ahmed Jebel, Nigist Yirga and Colonel Demeqe Zewdu.

While all Ethiopians are happy to see these prominent Ethiopians released, the number of prisoners released thus far is only about 5%. Based on accounts of released prisoners, the number of people imprisoned every day is much more than the number of prisoners being released right now. The recent state of emergency imposed on Ethiopians by the TPLF is also designed to terrorize, kill and imprison more. As a result, no one should commend or applaud this pathetic attempt by a ruthless regime to appear righteous in the eyes of Ethiopians and donor countries.

While we celebrate the release of brave Ethiopians who selflessly stoodup and fought against a cruel regime, we should never forget that there are so many that are still languishing in prison, there are thousands of Ethiopians who were tortured to the point they can no longer walk, and there are thousands of Ethiopians subjected to inhumane torture conditions, including nail extraction. There were a lot of prisoners who were taken to Mekele secret prisons and disappeared without a trace. Moreover, there are also thousands who lost their lives while being tortured.


The TPLF used the anti-terrorism law, designed to suppress opposition and label anyone fighting for democratic rights as terrorist or a member of opposition parties, including “Arbegnoch Ginbot 7”, a popular freedom fighting organization that is designated by the terrorist regime as a group of terrorists.


Ethiopians are now asking for the release of the remaining 95% including monks from Waldba Monastery and other prominent freedom fighters like Andargachew Tsige, who was illegally imprisoned while traveling via Yemen airport.  His bravery and his determination to fight TPLF tyranny was a huge challenge to the TPLF, who paid millions of dollars to convince corrupt Yemeni officials and snatch him from Sana’a International Airport.


Furthermore, Ethiopians are asking for some accountability after almost three decades of looting, torturing, and killings. TPLF members including Getachew Assefa, Sibhat Nega, Abay Tsehay, Arkebe Ekubay, and General Samora Yunis who approved inhumane torture conditions and gave an order to the massacres of Ethiopians including Irreccha celebrators, Ambo, Kobel, Dembi Dolo, Chelenko, Weldiya, Hamaresa demonstrators must be accountable for the mistery Ethiopians suffered under TPLF tyranny.


Long Live Ethiopian Unity

The Terrorist TPLF Must Go

NY/NJ Ethiopians Task Force (www.ethionynj.com)






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