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March 1, 2021
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Ethiopia to repatriate more than 34,000 undocumented migrants from Saudi Arabia (video) – Mereja.com

Ethiopia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen Thursday announced the government’s decision to repatriate more than 34,000 undocumented Ethiopian migrants from Saudi Arabia as of the coming weeks.

The Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia reportedly are facing ‘unimaginable cruelty’ including being chained together in pairs and using their cell floors as toilets.

Presenting the six-month performance report to the Foreign Relations and Peace Standing Committee of the national parliament, Demeke said the repatriation is part of the government’s citizen-centered diplomacy which recognizes Ethiopians living overseas as part and parcel of the national foreign relations.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, the government has already identified over 34,000 Ethiopian migrants who are in critical condition in Saudi Arabia and 1000 migrants will be sending home each week as of next week. Video:

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