Ethiopia to Commemorate TPLF’s Betrayal Attack on National Defense Force

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Addis Ababa October 31/2021 (ENA) The government of Ethiopia has been organizing a special event to commemorate the terrorist TPLF’s heinous attack carried out on November 4, 2020 on the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) Northern Command that was stationed in Tigray.

It is to be recalled that on November 4, the terrorist TPLF attacked the Ethiopian National Defense Forces Base located in Tigray region and rob the military equipment.

The Northern command has been stationed in the Tigray region for more than two decades in service and protection of the people of Tigray from any threats.

Before it carried out the attack on the Northern Command, the TPLF had been preparing to wage war against the whole of Ethiopia by arming and organising militias outside of the constitutionally mandated structure.

And the group declared war on the country by viewing ENDF as a foreign army rather than an army that has been protecting the people of Tigray for more than twenty years.

The day will be commemorated in the upcoming Wednesday under the theme “I will never forget it and I am the Ethiopian army.”

The day will particularly be remembered by every member of the society in Ethiopia  on November 4, at 9:00 PM,  by placing hands on their chest for 45 seconds, it was indicated.

The day is also expected to be marked by candlelight vigils, blood donations, and other social activities.

In his press briefing he gave to the media today, State Minister of Government Communication Service, Kebede Dessisa said the day has a special place in the minds of Ethiopians and one of the challenging incidents in modern history of the country when TPLF attacked its own army and looted the heavy weapons.

“The attack was an attempt to expose the country to foreign enemies and to destroy Ethiopia forever which could be considered as a day of great betrayal in the history of modern Ethiopia. Therefore, it is not a day to be ignored and commemorating this day would help to prevent such heinous crimes.”

Kebede noted that after 27 years of violence, the TPLF had confined in  Mekelle, Tigray regional capital where the group has been committing political, economic and military sabotages adding that “they finally launched a surprise attack on the northern command.”  

TPLF has been continuing to advance its belligerent attacks in Amhara and Afar regional states, Kebede underlined.

Noting that the current aggression by TPLF could not be reversed through conventional war,   the state minister called on Ethiopians must fight hand in hand for the country’s sovereignty.

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