Ethiopia stands with “democratic aspiration of people of Sudan”, says FM

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Ethiopia reiterate commitment to support the people of Sudan in their aspiration for democratic system

Sudanese taking to the streets after news of the military coup (Photo : from social media)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Tuesday released a statement reflection of the developments in Sudan.  The prime minister and many members of the civilian cabinet were on Monday  arrested after a military coup under the leadership of the chairman of the Sovereign Council, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who declared a state of emergency across the country. 

The message emphasized solidarity with what it called the democratic aspirations of the people of Sudan.   The full statement reads as follows : 

“Statement of the Government of Ethiopia on the Current Situation in the Sudan

The Government of Ethiopia is closely following developments in the Sudan. This particularly emanates from the strong brotherly ties that have existed between the peoples of the two countries for centuries. 

It will be recalled that the Ethiopian Government has played a significant role in successfully mediating the establishment of a coalition government, consisting of its civilian and military components, and to adopt the constitutional document of the transitional period.

The Government of Ethiopia, therefore, calls on all parties for calm and de-escalation in the Sudan and to exert every effort towards a peaceful end to this crisis.

In this regard, the Government of Ethiopia fully supports the completion of Sudan’s transition to democracy and the respect for the Constitutional Document of the Transitional Period.

Ethiopia reiterates the need for the respect of the sovereign aspirations of the people of the Sudan and the non-interference of external actors in the internal affairs of the Sudan. 

The Government of Ethiopia is confident that the people of the Sudan would ultimately find the wisdom to address these challenges in a manner that contributes towards a peaceful resolution of the crisis. 

The Government and people of Ethiopia, as always, will continue to stand firm with the democratic aspirations of the people of the Sudan.” 

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