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Ethiopia says pressure to make TPLF part of dialogue unacceptable

Ethiopia rejected pressure from state actors to make TPLF part of the national dialogues in the country 

Ethiopia _ TPLF
Spokes person of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Dina Mufti, during briefing this month (Photo : MFAE)


The Ethiopian government on Monday said that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) will not be part of National Dialogue in the country. 

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, which was released on Monday, said “It should be clear that the push by partners to involve the TPLF in this national dialogue process is unacceptable.” 

The Ethiopian government said that it has been working on national dialogue in the country and met with opposition leaders, members of civic society, the private sector, elders and prominent figures with the aim to promote dialogue in the Tigray region. 

Explaining why TPLF will not be part of the national dialogue, the statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia said 

“TPLF is an outlawed group, which endangered the country’s sovereignty and its constitutional order. The Ethiopian parliament recently passed a decision labelling it as a Terrorist Organization. That is why the Ethiopian government utterly rejects the repeated call by partners to cease hostilities and negotiate with the TPLF.”  

Earlier this month the House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia ( Parliament) approved a decision from the Council of Ministers to designate TPLF and Oromo Liberation Front-shane ( OLF-Shane) as terrorist organizations. And the parliament gave TPLF 48 hours to defend itself which did not happen. 

Ethiopian government statement came days after the U.S. state department issued another statement on May 15 in which it called cessation of “… hostilities and allow relief to reach those suffering and in greatest need of assistance ”  in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

The statement from the U.S. government further demanded that Amhara region special forces withdraw from “the Tigray region.” In saying so, the U.S. government is implying withdrawal from Humera, Wolkait and Raya. 

Those areas were contested by residents in the region and there had been identity questions on the grounds that the “Tigray identity was imposed on them.”

Before the TPLF government took power in 1991, these areas were not part of the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Regarding Human Rights violations allegations, Ethiopia said the Federal Attorney General and the Federal Police Commission are investigating the matter. Preliminary findings from the investigation, which was revealed last week, indicated that more than 95 people who are said to be killed in the Axum area did take part in the war on the part of TPLF wearing civilian clothes. 

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission announced this week that it has finalized preparations to investigate rights violations, the UN Human Rights Commission will be part of it, in the Tigray region. 
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