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Ethiopia, Russia to strengthen cooperation in intelligence, security areas

Russia, just like China, support African Union led solution to the GERD negotiation impasse and opposes intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia

Russia _ Ethiopia
NISS director, Temesgen Tiruneh and Russian ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Yevgeny Terekhin (Photo : EBC)


Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) on Wednesday announced that it will strengthen cooperation with Russia in the areas of security and intelligence. 

Director of NISS, Temesgen Tiruneh, met with Russian ambassador to Ethiopia, Mr. Yevgeny Terekhin – who is a fluent speaker of Amharic – Ethiopia’s national working language. 

Noting the two countries long historical and cultural ties,  Mr. Temesgen said that he had a productive discussion with the Russian Ambassador to Ethiopia on ways of strengthening cooperation in areas that would help Ethiopia tackle the challenges that it is facing  – as reported by ENA.  “The relation between the two countries was tested in challenging times and proved to be fruitful,” he is quoted as saying. 

Mr. Temesgen added that the cooperation with Russia will help the effort that NISS is making to build a neutral and professional entity with  “International Standard.” 

Mr. Yevgeny Terekhin on his part said that Russia will strengthen relations with Ethiopia in different areas. A range of measures are being taken to elevate cooperation in intelligence and security to a higher level. 

He added that he had a constructive discussion on issues related to technology transfer, capacity building, intelligence and security affairs. 

It is to be recalled that NISS had similar discussions with Israeli Embassy to Ethiopia with the aim to strengthen cooperation with Mossad. 

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