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June 17, 2021
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Ethiopia reported 86 new cases and seven deaths within a day.

Bahir Dar; June 7/2020 (AMMA) Ethiopia tested 6,092 samples and found 86 new Covid-19 cases that made the total case 2020. The ministry of health also reported 7 deaths and 63 recoveries.

Now the nation has 1,647 active cases and reported 27 deaths. The total recovery also rose to 344. However, patients who are under intensive care unit rose to 32.

From today’s 24 hours report 66 are from the capital Addis Ababa and the rest are from four states and a city administration (Oromiya (7), Tigray (7), South Nations Nationalities and Peoples (4) Amhara (1) and Dire Dawa (1)). The age range of new cases varies from seven to 82 years.
The death and infection rate of the nation is rising in the week. In the last seven consecutive days, Ethiopia reported 848 new cases and 16 deaths.

Ethiopia so far tested 142,960 people and confirmed 2020 Covid-19 cases.

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