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April 10, 2021
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Ethiopia reported 190 new cases and 5 new deaths and corrected yesterday’s report.

Bahir Dar; June 9/2020 (AMMA) Ethiopia tested 4,599 in the last 24 hours and found 190 new cases that made the total 2,336.

The ministry of health also reported four more deaths that raised the total 32. The recovered people also raised by 18.
The newly found cases age varies from a year to 89 and 135 are male.

153 are from the capital Addis Ababa and the rest are from six states (Oromiya (16), Amhara (10), Harari (3), Somali (3), South Nations Nationalities and Peoples (3) and Tigray (2)).
The ministry also reported five new deaths and the two found positive for Covid-19 after autopsy. All the deaths reported from the capital and two were female.

The ministry of health apologized for double reporting of 10 cases yesterday.

Ethiopia tested 152,334 people, found 2,336 cases, and reported 32 deaths and 32 more people are in intensive care unit.

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