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Ethiopia is in a process of transformations rather than disintegration.  

December 22, 2017
Tesfaye Yigzaw

EthiopiaEthiopia has survived a long excruciating years endangering its existence as a liable country under a tribal dictatorship of Tigray People Liberation Front. The long awaited hope for transformation has finally coming to end a single tribal dictatorship, but a future to form a democratic government remains elusive unless democratic forces come together to make a well planned program for a better of all its citizens.

First generation starts

Second generation builds

Third generation destroys

This three statements best describe a contemporary Ethiopian crisis. The calamities on the ground today was initiated back in sixties during students’ movement whose lack in a fundamental knowledge in politics, history and social science of the country led for today’s ethnic federalism. The birth of ethnic politics funded by foreign interest groups/ countries had risen amongst students’ movement: Tigray People Liberation Front, Oromo Liberation Front, Ogaden National Liberation Front, of course Eritrean People Liberation Front was a chief architect while the rest were foot soldiers. All four of these groups marched together to Addis Ababa in 1991 after a brutal dictator vacated a grand palace. Without public consultation they put forward a constitution they had drafted at the bush a law of a country. They dismantled the institutions that were built by our ancestors for thousands of years. Our forefathers and mothers founded with their blood and bones kept the unique freedom from invaders passing on virgin land to generations. Instead of praise, our heroes and heroines unfortunately had been disparaged.  The formulation of ethnic administration was intended to dismantle the unity of people to further disintegrate the country. Among the founders of ethnic federalism, the disgruntled Oromo Liberation Front and Ogaden National Liberation Front were relinquished the power to TPLF, and resumed its ethnic movement from ground zero. Since then TPLF has a full control of state power, security and economy with feeble satellite ethnic fronts it had organized by keeping under its shadow.

The country has never known political parties nor well defined political ideology. Except very few opposition groups, most are organized under ethnic consortium which has become a danger to a country’s very existence leading to ethnic conflicts. The ongoing bloodshed is a result of ethnic federalism persuaded by TPLF. This is obvious when religion and ethnicity become part of political forces.

There is a rhetoric coming from ethnocentrism group that a majority based on number of population should control state power, this is another danger for building a democratic government.  .

In short, the predicaments of the country have been contributed by multiple groups especially those are advocating ethnic politics. To reverse a current trends to benefit every citizen without prejudice minority groups for unwavering peace. Here, a principle of three proposed using the beautiful tricolor of Ethiopian flag for laying out a foundation for democracy. The principle of three is open for debate, and needs further public scrutiny.

Principle of Three:

  1. One country, one constitution and one flag
  2. Establishing a democratic government, rule of law, and a respect for individual rights
  3. Executive, judiciary and legislatives establishments are to function independent of each other elected by people.
  4. Free media, freedom of speech, and expression
  5. Administrative regions abolishing current ethnic administrations by replacing with its old names: Kefle Hager, Awraja and Wereda. Representatives should be elected by people for local and national representations.
  6. Political parties not to exceed more than three
  7. Political parties should not be formed by religion, ethnicity and military.
  8. Federal government based system where Kefle Hager, Awraja, and Wereda would be administered by local representatives through democratic election, where a central government oversees a military, intelligent, security and economy.
  9. A right of children, women and minorities should be overseen by federal government.
  10. A labor law, health and environment should be overseen by federal government.


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