Ethiopia Peace Agreement Great Example to Solve Problems: Security Studies Regional Director

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Addis Ababa February 18/2023 /ENA/ The Peace agreement reached between the Ethiopian government and TPLF is a great example for the way to solve problems on the continent, Institute for Security Studies Regional Director for East Africa and Representative to the African Union Paul-Simon Handy said.

The agreement marks an important step in efforts to silence the guns, and provides a solid foundation for the preservation of Ethiopia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the immediate cessation of hostilities, the resumption of unhindered humanitarian access, the restoration of services as well as healing and reconciliation, he noted.

Handy told ENA that the Horn of Africa has been rocked by several conflicts.

“What we have seen is as much they have been in conflict. There have also been efforts to resolve those conflicts. (As a result) there have been agreements as well, which is a very encouraging development.”

There is in fact a great development in the Horn of Africa, the director said, adding that “we don’t necessary see the same resolutions in other regions of the continent. We still have ongoing conflict in the Great Lakes. We still have ongoing conflict in Sahel and Lake Chad basin of course. There is also terrorism in other parts, including southern Africa.”

In the case of the Horn of Africa, however, Africans are taking the leads on their problems, Handy noted, adding that this is a good development. “For me, there are only good solutions to problems.”

Elaborating on this point, he stated that those solutions do not need an identity. What we can be is part of it. African governments, civic societies and humanitarian actors also take more leads in resolving problems on the continent. This is a great development.

“The Cessation of Hostilities Agreement was only possible because Ethiopian actors were tired of the war. They realize that they have more to gain in settling this issue politically, which was done with the support of AU, IGAD and other partners. So, it is a great example for the way to solve problems on the continent,” the director said.

Recall that a peace deal was signed between the government of Ethiopia and the TPLF in early November in South Africa, which is a critical first step towards ending the two year war.

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