Ethiopia Must Make Allies, Others Understand Ongoing Constructive Efforts: Morgan State University Professor

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Addis Ababa October 12 /2022 /ENA/ Ethiopia must make sure that its allies, friends, and others understand the efforts that are ongoing in the country despite the challenges it is facing, Professor Getachew Metaferia of Morgan State University (USA) said.

Talking to ENA, Professor Getachew said Ethiopia must make sure that its allies, friends, and others understand the ongoing constructive efforts that are ongoing in the country.

Moreover, the political science and international relations scholar stated that it is important to undertake public diplomacy efforts that are not limited to formal government-to-government channels in addition to posting well-seasoned and trained diplomats abroad.

Public diplomacy would entail interacting with the public and engaging the media and civic organizations, among others, the professor elaborated.

“So, it would be advisable to have lobbyists and public diplomacy efforts to promote the country and bolster relations with others.”

Speaking about the ongoing efforts of the government, On other hand, Professor Getachew noted that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is a momentous diplomatic, historical, and technological success.

Although the successive Ethiopian leaders had dreamt about using the Tise Abay, situations were not favorable to realize their vision.

Currently, despite efforts by Egypt and its allies and the internal fifth column who tried to undermine the GERD, “thanks to its allies and the African countries, the dream of the earlier Ethiopian leaders was realized through the efforts of Ethiopians,” he elaborated.

According to the professor, the dam would help fight the scourge of abject poverty in Ethiopia and economic development.

Also, GERD would help protect the environment, contribute to fighting climate change, and promote the government’s green initiative, he pointed out.

“GERD has also revitalized the national pride and Ethiopians that can be paralleled only to the Victory of the Battle of Adwa. GERD has mobilized Ethiopians from all levels of society, from within the country and the broader realm of the Ethiopian diaspora.”

Professor Getachew further said the dam has significance to the country and its heritage, besides its contributions to the government’s green initiatives.

He also stated the challenges facing the country, mentioning that heart-breaking displacements,  killings, and human miseries must not be tolerated as these will put Ethiopia in a precarious situation and tarnish the image of the country.

“The security, human rights, and freedom of citizens must be upheld at any price. That, by itself, would garner support for Ethiopia and will make any diplomatic efforts much easier,” the scholar underscored.

It is to be recalled that President Sahle-Work, while addressing the joint session, said that  promising results were gained over the past year in the political, economic and diplomatic sectors despite challenges.  

Despite the many challenges facing Ethiopia, the country sees light at the end of the tunnel. Suffice it to mention the gains in GERD, wheat production, and the Green Legacy initiative.

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