Ethiopia Is Fighting African War: Uganda Pan-African Movement Nat’l Executive Chairman

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December 24/2021/ENA/  Ethiopia is fighting an African war that is a continuation of the fight against imperialism in which all Africans must come together to fight this common enemy, Uganda Pan-African Movement National Executive Chairman Daniel Rugarama said.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, the chairman noted that the situation in Ethiopia is not just an Ethiopian case, and what is happening in Ethiopia is directly a matter of Africa.

From pan-African perspective, we consider an attack, whether it is internal or external on the Ethiopian soil, as an attack on Africa, he added.

According to him, an attack and dismantling in whatever format, whether ideologically or geographically, of Ethiopia is indeed an attack and a very bad example to Africa.

The historical importance of Ethiopia is beyond debate, Rugarama stated, adding that pan-Africanists are all aware that Ethiopia is not colonized and various attempts to do so did not succeeded.

The Western media have been projecting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front as gaining success against Ethiopian forces and over running the state and entering Addis Ababa.

“As pan-Africanists we are aware of the intention and we are behind the success being registered by Ethiopian forces against the group.”

He stressed that the people of Tigray are going to realize what a fool they had made; and they must realize that they are being used by the imperialists whose agenda is a failed agenda right from the start.

“The success of Ethiopian forces against imperialistic forces who are hiding in the Tigray is a catalyst in us. Realizing that, the rest of Africa must all come together and fight the common enemy because I can assure you that when critically look at the Tigray situation, it is not the people of Tigray who have been fighting. There is an invisible hand. Imperialists have already been at the helm of destabilizing Africa to make sure that Africa is kept in captive, in social, economic, political and other ways.”  

This is what the pan-African movement and Africans must fight wherever we are, whether in the continent or in the diaspora, Rugarama underscored.

He further pointed out, “What affects Ethiopia directly affects Africa not just because Africa has got its head office in Addis Ababa, but because of its historical importance of Ethiopia as a country and people.”

One of the biggest challenges of pan-Africanism is that it is fighting and competing against the hegemonic forces of Western imperialism and high level capitalism, the executive chairman said.

“We are not failing to realize the enemy who is against the development of Africa. We are very well aware of the enemy against the African continent. We are very well aware of the enemy that is making the black man suffer. Whoever the enemy is we know that it has not given up in distorting the development in the continent about exploiting the African resources.”

The enemy is at work day and night, Rugarama underlined, noting that it is therefore the work of pan-African movement to cultivate a high revolutionary pan-Africanism ideology work hard in resolving the situation in Ethiopia to make sure that it is the heart of Africa.

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