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June 14, 2021
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Ethiopia introduces Apartheid-style laws; capital under siege

By Gossaye Ethiopia Movement (GEM)

According to a new document drafted by OPDO with the help of TPLF, the regime has officially imposed apartheid-style laws and institutionalized discrimination in the capital city of Ethiopia.
For over 25 years, Addis Ababa was one of the few places in Ethiopia where all people of all single-ethnic and multiethnic background would feel at home. A place where no tribe owns the land. (Albeit the TPLF regime’s economic monopoly)
Psychologically and ideologically, all Ethiopians felt they belonged in Addis Ababa. This welcoming and inclusive multiethnic identity of Addis Ababa (like Awassa) led to the speedy growth and development of the city. Despite some corruption and rights abuses, everyone still felt Addis Ababa was an all-Ethiopian territory. This idea that Addis belonged to everybody was a relief from the ugly realities of tribalism choking the rest of the nation, where people get killed or deported based on their perceived tribal identity. Addis Ababa was the only shinning star among the darkness in the Horn of Africa.
Not anymore!
At least on paper, the TPLF (and its OPDO puppets) have officially declared war on the multiethnic, cosmopolitan and inclusive identity of our capital city, Addis Ababa.
Gosaye Ethiopia Movement (G.E.M.) categorically condemns this new racist, xenophobic and apartheid-style proclamation by the OPDO/TPLF on the people of Addis Ababa, who are majority mixed-Ethiopians.
GEM encourages other Ethiopians, activists and international human rights organizations to reject this disastrous and illegal decree.
According to the new backward OPDO document, ethnic Oromo residents shall receive numerous special privileges, including:
*  at least a quarter or more of the city council positions shall be reserved to Oromo tribe only
* free land in Addis Ababa shall be reserved for any uses anytime by the Oromo tribal government
* Oromo tribe gets priority to buy or rent any land and condominiums in Addis Ababa.
* instead of promoting the development of all Ethiopian languages in the capital city, the decree proclaims that only Oromo language shall be officially developed
* every rental and property sales must contain at least 15% Oromo minimum
* 80% of other Ethiopians can not use any public area, stadium, halls etc without the permission of Oromo tribe residents’ who get priority
* Addis Ababa govt must provide Oromo-only schools
* Historic names of Addis Ababa neighborhoods that reflect patriotic African heroes and symbolize our multiethnic past shall be replaced by Oromo-only labels
* the front name of the city shall be changed to an Oromo word “Finfinne,” to belittle the mosaic past of “Addis Ababa” naming, a label created by Empress Taytu. (Taytu was a granddaughter of the Yejju Oromo dynasty leadership and symbolized how modern Ethiopia was created by the multiethnic evolution of the nation after the 1500s Oromo arrival to the north. )
* instead of honoring Oromo heroes who co-founded and defended modern Ethiopia; all roads, airports and government buildings shall be renamed after OPDO cadres and other Oromo nationalists who killed Ethiopian patriots.
* new books will be written to brainwash the youth about false Oromo ownership of Addis Ababa for thousands of years; (effectively  hiding historical facts about recent Oromo migrations in 1500s and censoring prior history of non-Oromo Orthodox Church remains and axumite/gurage settlements in this Shoa region)
* the decree also seeks to brainwashed/educate the youth with selective history of this region; to further divide Ethiopian people and plant the foundation for bitterness, hate and genocide.
* despite the decree rewarding Oromo residents, farmers and other Oromos special privileges and preferential use of Addis Ababa; none of their waste shall be dumped in Oromia. (I.e. Oromo waste shall only be dumped on the tribal Somali, Anuak, Afar, Sidama, Welaita lands)
* markets in Addis Ababa shall deny farmers from the north, west, east and southern Ethiopia; until Oromo-only farmers get their desired amount of access and preferential treatment. 
All concerned Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia should forward this new decree and notify the United Nations and international human rights groups about the above illegal proclamations by the OPDO/TPLF. 


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