Ethiopia Has Still Sites that Deserve to be Inscribed as World Heritages, Says UNSECO Director

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Addis Ababa February 8/2022/ENA/ Ethiopia has wonderful heritage sites deserved to be inscribed in world heritage, UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) Director Yumiko Yokezeki said.

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The director believes that there are world heritages that deserve to be inscribed with UNESCO in addition to the 9 UNESCO world heritage sites.

In an exclusive interview with ENA, Yumiko Yokezeki said that she visited sites like Bale Mountains and a number of Ethiopian Orthodox churches are wonderful and deserve to be inscriber.

“But, this is not just UNESCO, there is a committee to analyze and decide on this. So, in the future I am sure that there will be more sites inscribed.”

According to her, Ethiopia has very wonderful sites. Lalibella and Semien Mountain are the very first sites inscribed as they need to be protected, preserved and respected.

“We have a number of plans to work with the government, and the government is asking for a number of supports. It also needs to do advocacy program, tourism promotion and different things,” the director added.

Yokezeki stated that she has for instance visited Lalibella and Axum over probably five times and always enjoyed them with friends from overseas.

“I hope that people will come back to Ethiopia to enjoy these sites.”

Yumiko stressed that “it is a very important for African heritages sites to be well known. Ethiopian Airlines goes to many places. So tourist can come to Addis Ababa and visit a number of sites in Ethiopia and then go to other countries. It is my dream that people from outside, and also from Africa, visit a number of heritage sites in Africa. They are our treasure and I think they are wonderful.”

These sites must be well known, well understood and well protected by the people; and young people, especially in Africa, are proud of their heritages so that they can own them. That will unite Africa, the director underscored.

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